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Dropped calls and/or poor voice

quality can happen in any room, in

any size building – the boardroom,

the sales office, hallways, eleva-

tors and storage areas. It is not

uncommon to have bad coverage

in places you would expect it to be

good, such as the edge of a build-

ing with glass sides.

There may be physical and en-

vironmental issues that impact cel-

lular coverage. Depending on the

business location (e.g. in a low-ly-

ing area surrounded by hills or in a

remote region), workers may not be

able to get any kind of reliable sig-

nal at all. Building materials could

also interfere with cellular transmis-

sions. Treatment rooms in hospitals

or industrial zones often block or

interfere with in-building signals.

Some environmentally friendly tech-

niques to reduce energy costs in a

building also can adversely affect

cellular performance.

So when that customer call comes

through, what are your options for

tackling poor cellular reception?

For years, solutions for solving

the cellular coverage needs of the

small and middle-sized enterprise

space (15,000 to 200,000 sq. ft.)

have been limited. Many are either

too complex or costly to install for

a medium-sized business or limited

in their capability because they are

designed for residential rather than

robust business environments.

The good news for integrators

is there is a growing number of op-

tions that improve in-building cellu-

lar coverage for medium-sized busi-

nesses. However, choosing the best

solution that meets the exact busi-

ness and construction requirements

of each venue can be difficult, even

for an experienced integrator. There

are many issues to consider, such

as backhaul (if any), coverage

footprint and potential interference

with other networks. Design and




he odds are pretty good that a business customer

has asked about help for a problem with the cellular

reception inside their building.

Options for SMB customers with poor

cellular connections in the office

Mobile & Wireless




March - April, 2017