DAY 1 WWW.WISPA.ORG 1 www.bekabusinessmedia.com WISP Financing has never been easier with us! Ability to fund ANY project/purchase starting at 10K up to 1.5 million A credit rates starting at 6.5% Ability to approve and fund transactions without personal guarantees on unsecured finance agreements. 24 hours or less response time for approvals. Ability to fund Fiber Only projects and Software only as well. Ability to fund any soft costs like maintenance, support and renewals. Ivan Crowe Icrowe@rtflease.com 818-921-3624 WISPA BROADBAND WITHOUT BOUNDARIES Visit us at booth 302 AND GET TO KNOW ABOUT EVERYTHING WE CAN FINANCE FOR YOUR WISP For the past 10 years Ritalia Funding has been a part of this event and industry with an astounding success rate. We have an approval ratio of 85% with all applications in this vertical because we are not your typical finance company. We specialize in creative financing structures that allows you to finance anything you need from a small router or CPE to a large Fiber Project, and everything else that goes with it. With flexible payment options, fast response time and few documents required. DAY 1 DAY 2 From the Muhammad Ali Center to Churchill Downs and from the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory to the fabulously famous Kentucky Bourbon Trail, Louisville stands as the Belle of Ohio River cruises. Now, it’s home of the 2023 WISPAMERICA. “Louisville is a lovely city, which has a lot to offer, and the convention center is easy to get to and maneuver in,” said Michael Wendy, Director of Communications for the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA). “WISPAMERICA is our costconscious show, usually placed somewhere in the interior of the country.” He was comparing the annual spring show to the fall extravaganza known as WISPAPALOOZA in Las Vegas, which usually draws more than 1,000 people more than WISPAMERICA. Still, WISPAMERICA’s agenda is full of opportunities. “People can more easily travel to it, and its placement, instead of being in a big, tier-one city, makes the hotel stay, food and ancillary costs less expensive,” Wendy said. “We’ll have about 50 expert panels filled with operational, business, technical and regulatory tracts. And there’ll be about 90 exhibitors, showing off the latest in hardware, software and services. Wendy said the lower attendance, reduced intensity and less hectic pace of a city like Louisville gives attendees more time to spread out and meet their WISPs brethren. To get the most out of WISPAMERICA, Wendy suggested attendees take a good look at the agenda and then “plot out their ‘attack.’” “Though the convention space is not overwhelming, knowing where you want to go beforehand makes movement and timing a lot more efficient and enjoyable,” Wendy said. (Continued on page 4) ‘Lovely’ Louisville Welcomes WISPAMERICA By Bruce Christian

Spin to Win! Visit American Tower at Booth #411 to spin our prize wheel. You could win unique Kentucky-made specialty items, gift cards, swag, and more. Our 4WISP program has been supporting WISPs for over 10 years. The program makes it easy to build and expand networks, freeing up time and resources, so you can focus on delivering critical broadband in communities. Stop by and learn how 4WISP can work for you. Visit Us at Booth #411 americantower.com/4wisp © 2023 ATC IP LLC. All rights reserved.

Hit it out of the park with WispGO™. Our WispGO™ program helps you meet your toughest deployment challenges so you can get on air faster with: > Exclusive pricing > Premier support > Flexible contracts > Value-add analytics and more Visit Booth #202 to learn more about how we can help expand your network—and your possibilities. 40K+ towers ~85K route miles of fiber ~115K small cells on air or under contract 1-866-238-8005

DAY 1 4 WISPAMERICA I MARCH 6 - 9, 2023 www.bekabusinessmedia.com (Continued from page 1) Other common-sense things include: • Have plenty of business cards to share with your colleagues. • Have two pairs of comfortable shoes, “because though Louisville is a smaller venue than Las Vegas, there will still be a lot of walking” • Hydrate often “And, perhaps most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask questions – above all else this is a learning event, and the WISP community is a giving, sharing community,” Wendy said. “There are no dumb questions. WISPs want to help other WISPs, so don’t be afraid to approach another WISP and ask him or her questions. You will not be rebuffed.” Wendy said highlights of the 2023 WISPAMERICA include important updates on the National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s (NTIA) Broadband Equity Access and Deployment Program (BEAD) Notification of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) during Monday’s “Broadband Billions Bootcamp.” Beginning today, Wendy said the opening session at 8:15 a.m. “is a must.” He added the Exhibit Hall will be open at noon. Lunch will be served there. The Exhibit Hall also will be the location of a reception from 4:45 to 6:15 p.m. Tomorrow, a keynote address will begin at 10:45 a.m. Lunch again will be served on the Exhibit Floor beginning at noon. The Exhibit Floor is open again from 4:45 to 6:15 p.m., and Wednesday ends with an off-site reception from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Sports and Social Club. WISPAMERICA ends at 3 p.m., Thursday. But that still leaves plenty of time for highlights such as the Women of WISPA’s Speed Dating Breakfast from 7 to 8:30 a.m., and a keynote speaker TBD at 8:30 a.m. The exhibit hall will open at 10:45 a.m., and a brunch will be served. Wendy reminds attendees that WISPAMERICA’s Premier sponsor is Calix, which has a strong fiber services presence. “This tells a lot about our membership,” he said. “Yes, the history of WISPA is that it has been primarily a wireless play. It’s in our name, of course. But our members choose the right tool for the right job, and that means being open to all options. FWA remains a huge part of the business, and this will continue. But, more and more, WISPs are using fiber to connect their customers. And so, WISPA’s tent is getting bigger, as it must and will.” He added, “We’re excited to facilitate this growth, which benefits the ecosystem as a whole. It’s not an either-or proposition. All ISP models are welcome here at WISPA. This makes us stronger, better. Calix’s commitment in our shows reflects that positive growth and evolution.” m Telco Systems, a leading player in the edge computing market, is honored for the third straight year to be recognized by STL Partners, among the top 100 companies making waves in edge computing. This recognition highlights the company’s innovative solutions and commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology that empowers its customers to build the edge networks of tomorrow. With edge computing becoming increasingly crucial for service providers in enabling real-time applications, Telco Systems is-positioned to meet the growing demand for edge computing solutions. Telco Systems’ Edgility is a smart and open platform for edge computing that simplifies the deployment, management and operation of thousands of sites running diverse workloads on various edge devices at scale. Edgility allows service providers to select the HW and SW solution components that best fit the dynamic changes of their business requirements while eliminating vendor lock-in. Edgility supports automated deployment of edge devices at any location, secure remote management, and centralized edge device monitoring that identifies potential issues before they escalate. By simplifying the complex world of edge computing, Telco Systems helps service providers stay ahead of the curve in this evolving market. m For more information, visit booth 607. Bruce Christian Senior Editor bruce@bekabusinessmedia.com Martin Vilaboy Editor-in-Chief martin@bekabusinessmedia.com Brady Hicks Managing Editor brady@bekabusinessmedia.com Percy Zamora Art Director percy@bekabusinessmedia.com Rob Schubel Digital Manager rob@bekabusinessmedia.com Jennifer Vilaboy Production Manager jen@bekabusinessmedia.com Berge Kaprelian Group Publisher berge@bekabusinessmedia.com (480) 503-0770 Anthony Graffeo Publisher anthony@bekabusinessmedia.com (203) 304-8547 Michael Burns National Account Executive michael@bekabusinessmedia.com (262) 993-9116 Corporate Headquarters 10115 E Bell Road, Suite 107 - #517 Scottsdale, Arizona 85260 Voice: 480.503.0770 Email: berge@bekabusinessmedia.com © 2023 Beka Business Media, All rights reserved Reproduction in whole or in any form or medium without express written permission of Beka Business Media is prohibited. RWS and the RWS logo are trademarks of Beka Business Media STL Recognizes Telco Systems for Edge Computing

Enabling the Lifestyle that Better Broadband Provides Removing Barriers to Fiber Deployment Learn how to simplify your deployments at www.SeeClearfield.com or call 800-422-2537 The game-changing SeeChange™ Access Terminal and precisely designed hardened connectors speed the final connection through: • Off-the-shelf availability • Minimizing inventory management • Cutting your design time • Simplifying your installations Clearfield® innovations make designing and installing plug-and-play fiber networks faster and easier than ever before. We can help you achieve your fiber connection goals. Ask Clearfield to show you how. SeeChange: A small, carrier-grade, access terminal ideal for any fiber network deployment 3” SC Connector MPO Connector 4” 5.5”

DAY 1 6 WISPAMERICA I MARCH 6 - 9, 2023 www.bekabusinessmedia.com Netskrt Systems introduced a radically new type of content delivery network (CDN) that ensures high-quality on-demand and live streaming video in rural and other underserved environments. The Netskrt Edge CDN (eCDN) managed service deploys video caches very deep into broadband ISP networks, allowing viewers to avoid the bottlenecks, rebuffering and low bit rates that have become common for far too many consumers. This problem is especially acute as more streaming-only rights deals are consummated between large streamers and sports leagues. The volume of live streaming video traffic driven by live sports events is slamming broadband networks that were not engineered for this purpose. “Streaming video should be an enjoyable subscriber experience, but for far too many it just isn’t. Fundamental changes need to be undertaken at the very edge of the network, especially to handle large scale delivery of live streaming traffic,” said Siegfried Luft, Netskrt CEO and co-founder. “Traditional CDN technology cannot scale down to this level and struggles with live streaming. The Netskrt eCDN is uniquely well positioned to benefit broadband providers of all types but especially those operating in rural and underserved regions.” The challenge for ISPs, primarily but not exclusively those serving rural customers, is that traditional CDNs have largely ignored them, backhaul bandwidth is frequently constrained, and even where fiber to the home (FTTH) is available, upstream bottlenecks can ruin the performance of streaming video. And live streaming, involving very large, synchronized audiences, stresses ISP networks even further. Matt Davis, founder and principal analyst at Independence Research, added, “In recent years we have seen tens of billions of dollars invested in broadband infrastructure, and with the government funded fiber blitz ramping up, we should see even more homes and businesses on the wrong side of the digital divide receive higher quality broadband. “However, the access network or ‘last mile’ is just part of the picture,” Davis continued. “Video streaming at home and increasingly in businesses is the key application that requires performance throughout the entire network. Companies like Netskrt can play an important role to ensure end users receive the service they expect.” The emergence and growth of live streaming video severely complicates the challenges long faced by ISPs. Their access networks were built to support conventional web apps and a mix of video-on-demand (VOD) streaming. Because live streaming is often enjoyed by large viewing audiences at the same time, each delivered via a unique connection between the content source and the subscriber, broadband networks have been flooded with traffic. Using content replication, the Netskrt eCDN allows large populations of live streaming viewers to be supported through a single connection per content format, yielding enormous bandwidth savings and resulting in a far superior consumer experience. Nikola Broadband is among the first ISPs to deploy the Netskrt eCDN. Nikola Broadband CEO Robert Zeff stated, “We’ve gone to great lengths to build a highly reliable and high-performance broadband network that our customers love. But, unfortunately, the introduction of live streaming traffic on our network has imposed quality problems our network is not causing. We think adding Netskrt to our network will help overcome those issues.” The Netskrt eCDN is a managed service combining cloud-based, title-aware machine learning for content ingestion and distribution, and edge components for local caching to reduce the network load and deliver high quality viewing experiences. The Netskrt eCDN technology has been successfully deployed in use cases characterized by limited or intermittent connectivity, including not only rural ISPs, but rail and air environments as well. m Attendees of WISPAMERICA 2023 can learn more by visiting Netskrt at booth #424. Telco Systems, a leading provider of edge compute solutions, is working with Snappy Internet, a Miami-based service provider, providing data and voice service throughout the United States, to pilot the delivery of enhanced virtualized capabilities to WISPs, small ISPS and MSPs. These new capabilities enable service providers to provide a faster and more flexible set of solutions for their customers and internal networks, while reducing complexity and costs. Edgility is a smart and open platform that simplifies the deployment, management, and operation of thousands of sites running diverse workloads on various edge devices at scale. Edgility’s powerful Management and Orchestration system, enables service providers to manage multiple network functions, applications, edge devices and service policies across multiple sites. Edgility allows service providers to deploy, remotely manage and automatically upgrade products such as VoIP, SD-WAN and next-generation firewalls, as well as back office and network management applications. This radically improves service provider offering, operations efficiency and allowing them to respond to their customers networking and security needs in minutes, rather than days. At Telco Systems we’re all about knowing our customers down to the details, and we couldn’t miss the chance to give a Taco Tuesday shoutout to Snappy’s very own Faisal Imtiaz! So come see us at booth 607 – the first five WISPs to mention “TELCO SYSTEMS TACOS” to us will get a Taco Bell gift card (and the chance to discuss how Edgility can drive efficiencies in your network and push costs down). m Netskrt Launches eCDN to Avoid Jams Telco Systems, Snappy Internet Partner to Deliver Virtualized Network Service

Call us: 800-792-8812 or Visit MarketBroadband.com Target Prospects with Direct Mail and Email Get More from Direct Mail How it works: with USPS Informed Delivery® Send full-color, Informed Delivery emails using the same list as your direct mail campaign. Multi-channel marketing works! Your postcard is mailed to your mapped service area. The day of postal delivery, Informed Delivery participants receive an email with your ad–and a link to your web site. More sales calls! More website visits! Target Households Direct Mail Informed Delivery Email Generates Calls Generates Website Visits Why Direct Mail Works: Direct mail is seen and noticed. A typically homeowner receives only 2 - 3 pieces of mail each day. They have to touch it and see it. Digital marketing can and does work but consumers are barraged with it. Direct Mail is 1-2-1 marketing at it’s best. Show Special! Informed Delivery Campaign* Visit Booth 103 for one FREE *Graphic Design and Direct Mail costs excluded.

DAY 1 8 WISPAMERICA I MARCH 6 - 9, 2023 www.bekabusinessmedia.com Mid America Computer Corporation (MACC), a provider of billing systems to more than 350 ISPs across the United States, delivers solutions to empower its clients to improve the efficiency of their operation and the care they provide their customers. ISPs use MACC’s solutions for their billing, general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory and point-of-sale needs. A great example of a company using MACC’s billing system to improve its operation is the Nucla-Naturita Telephone Company (NNTC). The family-owned and operated company was founded in 1946 in Nucla, Colo., to provide telephone service to its community. Over its 77 years in business, NNTC expanded its service territory to seven additional Colorado communities and now provides internet access using wired and wireless technologies. The company also sells mobile phones and calling plans from its office. Darla Joseph, NNTC’s Assistant Manager and Vice President, said, “MACC has been a very positive change for our company. We swapped over to MACC in 2019 and it was such a good decision.” A key boost to NNTC’s efficiency has been its use of MACC’s eBill, an online bill payment solution, and the increased speed with which the company can accept customer payments. “This has been a timesaver for NNTC as we can answer calls, run a customer’s credit card, and not have to wait for the credit card machine to be vacant,” Joseph said. Another driver of efficiency for NNTC has been its use of MACC’s solution for point-ofsale and inventory. MACC’s solution tracks the number of items available along with their associated values. This crucial inventory information is then tied directly to a company’s general ledger account balance. Barcode scanning of items is an option, and this is a feature NNTC uses to streamline the selling of wireless equipment. “Using point-of-sale has eliminated the need to write the prices on each of the accessories,” Joseph said. “We are able to print out labels with the barcode to attach to each item and then we can scan it to let the customer know the cost.” As being able to meet regulatory reporting requirements, including the BDC, is a crucial task for ISPs, MACC’s solution also meets this need. “We have a better handle on our payments with MACC and more confidence in our reporting process to meet all of the necessary requirements,” Joseph said. MACC delivers the outstanding support its clients deserve with a unique three-tiered approach to customer care. This approach ensures clients always have access to a knowledgeable member of the MACC Team if assistance is needed. “I must add the customer service and support with MACC has far exceeded our expectations,” Joseph said. “MACC’s support team is always friendly and ready to help!” To learn more about MACC and how it can help with your billing, accounting and inventory needs, stop by booth 627 and visit with Steve Apple. Be sure to ask for a live demonstration of MACC Mobile, which gives your team in the field the ability to manage inventory using their smart phone. m As WISPs continue to grow and sign-up new subscribers, they may be surprised by an unplanned for expense: the cost of IPv4 addresses. Why are IPv4 addresses so expensive? It’s simple supply and demand. The number of IPv4 addresses is capped and no more are being created. So, the supply is limited. That’s not the same with demand. As the number of internet connected devices increases, so does the demand for IPv4 addresses. And higher demand means higher prices. Let’s Do the Math The cost of most IPv4 addresses today are between $40 to $55 dol lars. So, let’s assume a WISP needs 1,000 IPv4 addresses at an average cost of $50; that’s a total cost of $50,000. If that same provider needs 5,000 IPv4 addresses, that’s $250,000. For 10,000 IPv4 addresses, the cost would be $500,000. With the price of IPv4 addresses increasing and WISPs not having enough resources to make the complex, time-consuming and expensive transition to IPv6, what options do they have? Overcoming High Costs One option is carrier-grade network address translation (CGNAT). The main goal of Network Address Translation (NAT) is to save public addresses. By sharing a public IP address among many private IP addresses, NAT limits the number of public IP addresses an organization must use, conserving its IPv4 addresses. Of course, this also reduces costs. And cost savings have been the main driver behind the growth of CGNAT. But Do I Really Need CGNAT? It all depends on your current pool of IPv4 addresses and your future growth plans. How many new subscribers do you plan to add in the next three years? In the next five years? If you have enough IPv4 addresses to meet your future growth plans, you’re probably fine. If you don’t have enough IPv4 addresses to meet future growth, then CGNAT can help. For the growing number of WISPs that have decided to deploy CGNAT, the question becomes, which CGNAT solution should I choose? Traditional CGNAT vendors pride themselves on having advanced features. However, advanced features usually come with advanced (or high) prices. This may not be a problem for large carriers with large budgets. Unlike large carriers, local and regional WISPs may prefer a scalable, cost-effective CGNAT solution. An Affordable CGNAT netElastic CGNAT is a cost-effective alternative. Traditional CGNAT solutions run on expensive proprietary hardware. In contrast, netElastic CGNAT runs on commodity x86 servers. As a result, WISPs have saved up to 80 percent by switching to netElastic. netElastic’s high-performance virtual router technology is at the heart of its CGNAT, including a scalable software architecture that delivers a highlevel of translation performance. Using DPDK and advanced packet processing, netElastic CGNAT can achieve near line-rate throughput on 10G, 25G, 40G, and 100G interfaces. It’s also highly scalable (scales by cores) and can deliver performance well over 360 Gbps per server. netElastic also supports up to 40,000 subscribers and 6 million NAT sessions. m To learn more, visit netElastic at booth 216 on the WISPAMERICA show floor or visit www.netelastic.com Colorado ISP Switches to MACC’s Billing System Use CGNAT to Grow Subscribers, Shrink IPv4 Costs

DAY 1 1 0 WISPAMERICA I MARCH 6 - 9, 2023 www.bekabusinessmedia.com TP-Link, a leading global provider of consumer and business networking products, has released the TP-Link Aginet Unified Cloud (TAUC) solution and products to the U.S. market, providing an agile and robust remote managed solution for internet service providers (ISPs). As the next generation of Wi-Fi management, TAUC offers a TR-069/ TR-369 cloud server, customized mobile app, tailored API service and carriergrade compatible Wi-Fi 6E routers, mesh systems and PON devices, offering service providers a complete and flexible solution to optimize services, enhance customer satisfaction and improve operational efficiencies and costs. The TAUC solution innovatively unifies the TR-369 /TR-069 technology with cloud servers, enabling ISPs to keep all the functions and benefits of these classic protocols yet with the flexibility of cloud services. Combining lower operating costs with the remote management capabilities of cloud solutions and the convenience of the Aginet App, TAUC brings a new level of Wi-Fi management to TR-069/TR-369 technology. At the same time, it saves significant investments in hardware servers and maintenance costs. Compatible with protocols including TR-369/USP, TR-069/CWMP, TR-157 Bulk Data, TR-143 Multi-Threading, TR-181 Multi-AP and data elements for EasyMesh and advanced Wi-Fi diagnostics, TAUC uses the latest protocols and technologies to serve the needs of all users. TAUC is also capable of managing the current DECO4ISP-enabled models from TP-Link. TAUC provides full insights of connected devices including online rates, network topology, device signal strength and a history log. Event alerts and warnings direct users’ attention to emergent problems so they can be addressed immediately. TAUC delivers stellar support to customers by troubleshooting issues live and remotely. By Identifying outof-range devices, physical barriers, poor internet quality and Wi-Fi interference, it reduces operating expenses and increases customer satisfaction. Open API Integration The extensible architecture of TAUC API Gateways offers automated operational management such as secure authentication for network activation, authorization methods for user network management and parameter configuration. As the world’s leading networking device provider with fully integrated R&D and manufacturing, TP-Link provides top quality products and services with competitive pricing on a tiered structure to keep partners ahead of the competition. Five new products will be released alongside TAUC, to be expanded with additional PON solutions in the future. Each TAUC Wi-Fi 6 device supports the EasyMesh standard for expanded compatibility. • EX1110 - Aginet AXE11000 Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6E Router - Featuring 4x4x4 Antennas, 1x10 Gigabit (GbE) WAN port, 1x 10 GbE LAN port, and 1x GbE port. • EX920 - Aginet AXE7800 Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6E Router - Offers router and access point mode for placement flexibility, 1x 2.5 GbE WAN port, 1x 2.5 GbE LAN ports, 2x 1 GbE port, and 1x USB 3.0 port. • HX716 Pro - Aginet AXE5400 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi 6E System - Includes Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6E speeds while offering 1x 2.5 GbE WAN/LAN port and 2x GbE LAN ports. • HX510 - Aginet AXE3000 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi 6E System - Provides 1x GbE WAN/LAN port, and 2x GbE LAN ports. • HX220 - Aginet AX1800 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System - Features 1x GbE WAN/LAN Port and 2x GbE ports. m Learn More at https://www.tp-link.com/ us/tauc/ or visit TP-Link at booth 326. For more than 20 years DoubleRadius has been connecting businesses across North America by working with its customers and vendors to create successful and creative solutions. DoubleRadius is easy to do business with. It has premier partnerships with Cambium, Ubiquiti, Siklu, Baicells and RF elements. Like you, DoubleRadiu is interested in the nextgeneration technologies, and this year it is 6GHZ. DoubleRadius, a WISPAMERICA Gold Sponsor, provides your complete network solutions. Beyond supplying cutting- edge networking equipment as a master authorized distributor, it also offers consultation, integration, support, repairs and financing. In addition, DoubleRadius hosts training certifications, webinars, special events and provides helpful resources on its vlogs and website. At DoubleRadius, the mission is to help you “Build Your Better Network!” Find DoubleRadius on the Exhibit Floor at booth 211, or join it at the bar to talk about testing Cambium’s 6 GHZ ePMP 4600 solution. Lean on the DoubleRadius experienced team to help put a strategy together so you will be ready for the next big customer wave. With locations in Canada, North Carolina and Utah, DoubleRadiu is here to support you. m Want to grow your customer base while adding new revenue streams? DISH and its trusted distribution network built for more than 40 years throughout rural America are available to sell your service to new customers through their storefronts, events and local marketing efforts. Working with a DISH Team Member allows you to add live TV and streaming apps as part of your solution, which prevents your customers from a shopping event. m Stop by booth 418 to discuss the right path for you and your company. TP-Link Aginet Unified Cloud Solution Released in US DoubleRadius Connects Customers to Create Solutions DISH Offers Live TV, Streaming

DAY 1 WWW.WISPA.ORG 1 1 www.bekabusinessmedia.com RWB Unveils Managed Wi-Fi, Parental Controls RemoteWinBox, a leading provider of MikroTik networking solutions, announces the addition of Managed Wi-Fi and parental control features to its product lineup. The features are designed to make it easier for subscribers to manage and protect their home networks. With RemoteWinBox’s Managed Wi-Fi, users can set up and manage their home networks easily from anywhere. The feature provides advanced network management capabilities, including speed tests, time limits, guest Wi-Fi, SSID and password management as well as device rate limiting all within an easy-to-use interface. RemoteWinBox’s Parental Control feature makes it simple to limit and control online activity for kids and teens. Parents can manage their children’s internet usage with individualized schedules, device assignments and can even pause users. Whether that’s to keep kids on task for finishing homework or keeping them from midnight gaming sessions, parents are put back in control. “At RemoteWinBox, we understand that managing and protecting a subscriber’s network can be challenging, especially for those who have non-tech savvy end-users,” said Marc Perea, CEO of RemoteWinBox. “Our team has pushed hard to make these new features available for service providers as subscribers’ selfcare continues to become more important and relevant to home networks.” These tools allow subscribers to take control of their home internet and give your tech support a much-needed break. Subscriber self-care has been shown to reduce support calls by 35 percent. m RemoteWinBox’s Managed Wi-Fi and Parental Control features are available to all RemoteWinBox customers. To learn more about these features and to get started with RemoteWinBox, visit the company’s website, https://remotewinbox.com/, or learn more by visiting booth 518. VIDEO STREAMING. E VE RYWH E RE . Visit us at Booth #424 Give your subscribers a high quality viewing experience—wherever they watch the game. netskrt.io

DAY 1 1 2 WISPAMERICA I MARCH 6 - 9, 2023 www.bekabusinessmedia.com 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. – Registration Open 2nd Floor Concourse 8:15 to 9:30 a.m. – Opening Session & Breakfast Ballroom C 9:30 to 9:45 a.m. – Intermission 9:45 to 10:30 a.m. – Getting to the Broadband Future Efficiently with BEAD Funding Ballroom C 10:30 to 10:45 a.m. – Intermission 10:45 a.m. to noon – Speed Dating Ballroom C Noon to 2:15 p.m. – Exhibit Hall Open & Lunch Exhibit Hall B 2:15 to 3:15 p.m. – State and Local Government Advocacy M104 Getting the Most of Your Sales Team M107 Business Strategies with No Funding M108 -48v DC Power M111 Animal Farm: Ethernity Networks M109 2:15 to 4:45 p.m. – 0-300 Customers – How to Start a WISP M100 Your First Fiber Deployment M103 3:15 to 3:45 p.m. – Intermission 3:45 to 4:45 p.m. – The New FCC Broadband Consumer Labels M111 Maximizing Your ARPU M108 What Makes You Different from Any Other ISP? M107 Integrating a Network You Just Bought M104 Animal Farm Session M109 4:45 to 6:15 p.m. – Exhibit Hall Reception Exhibit Hall B 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. – Registration Open 2nd Floor Concourse 7:30 a.m. – Morning Coffee 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. – WISPA Concessions Open 8 to 9 a.m. – Rules to Know as an ISP M104 Marketing Against Your Competition Both Big and Small M108 All Things Private Equity M109 Network Topologies M107 Animal Farm: Cambium Networks M111 8 to 10:30 a.m. – How to Find Good People – Sourcing to Onboarding to Training M100 Fiber Outside Plant M103 9 to 9:30 a.m. – Intermission 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. – New Rules and Opportunities in Multi-Tenant Environments M108 Preparing to Take Government Money from the Financial Side M104 Growing to 10,000 Customers M107 How to Improve Management of Site Rollout M111 Animal Farm: Aviat M109 10:45 a.m. – Remarks: Commissioner Nathan Simington 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. – Keynote: LEO Satellites and the Potential Threat They Pose to WISPs Ballroom C 12:00 p.m. to 2:15 p.m. – Exhibit Hall Open & Lunch Exhibit Hall B 2:15 to 3:15 p.m. – Financial Planning – It’s More Than Just Budgeting M109 Design Tool for Fiber M108 Great Troubleshooting Methods M107 M&A – How to Buy Your Neighbor M104 Animal Farm: Tarana Wireless M111 2:15 to 4:45 p.m. – Grounding – Stop Losing Equipment M100 I mpact of FCC’s New National Broadband Map on Broadband Funding M103 3:15 to 3:45 p.m. – Intermission 3:45 to 4:45 p.m. – Raising Your Prices without Losing Your Customers M104 Legal Requirements of Installing Fiber M111 Home Wi-Fi – It Is Not Your Problem. But It Is. M108 Inventory Asset Tracking from Vehicles to CPE M107 Animal Farm: FIBRAIN + HALNY M109 4:45 to 6:15 p.m. – Exhibit Hall Open Exhibit Hall B 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. – Off Site Reception: The Sports & Social Club WISPAMERICA Agenda-at-a-Glance Please note: The Wednesday, March 8, schedule in the Show Guide repeated morning sessions and excluded afternoon sessions. This schedule above is correct. TUESDAY, March 7 WEDNESDAY, March 8

DAY 1 WWW.WISPA.ORG 1 3 www.bekabusinessmedia.com 9dot S.r.l. 822 A10 Networks 511 Adtran 801 Advanced Media Technologies 1020 AFL 819 AirWay Technologies 625 AKKO 425 Alliance Communications 219 Alliance Funding Group Table 6 Almvoy Inc. 122 Altitude Benefits and Consulting LLC 825 American Tower 411 Arelion Table 9 Aheral LLC 303 Aviat Networks 319 AW Safety Services 600 Azotel/Solutions4ebiz 503 Baicells Technologies 617 Baltic Networks USA 126 BeyondReach Table 7 BillMax Billing Solutions 210 BLINQ Networks 119 Calix 201, MR 1 Cambium Networks 107, MR 2 Cellular Expert, UAB Table 8 ChannelVision Magazine 918 CHR Solutions Table 5 Citiwave Systems Ltd. Table 1 Clearfield Inc. 623 Crown Castle 202 CTI Towers 902 CTI Connect 101 DIRECTV 218 DISH 418 DoubleRadius 211 EdgeTeam Technology 104 Edgility by Telco Systems 607 ENGISO Engineered Magnetic Solutions 823 Ethernity Networks 324 Expera Online Table 3 Federated Wireless 702 Fiberlight 108 Fibersmith 917 FIBRAIN GROUP 903 Galooli Inc. 718 Grandstream 301 Hana Wireless 416 Horizon Powered 120 Hughes 603 ICT 117 Inscape Data Corporation 818 Intracom Telecom 217 IP ArchiTechs 318 IP Pay LLC 100 ISP Supplies 601 ISP Wholesale Networks by Easy Systems Inc 1000 Link Technologies 602 LinQ Antenna Technology 701 Live Oak Bank 308 Logic Networks 719 MarketBroadBand.com - Lorex Inc. 103 MECSIL 228 Mercku Inc. 824 Micronet Communications Inc. 317 Mid America Computer Corp. (MACC) 627 Millennium 806 Mimosa by Airspan 127 MimoTek Inc. 706 MitoTec 201 Morningstar Corporation 409 Multilink Inc. 225 Musco 711 NCTI Table 4 netElastic 216 NetExperience 328 NetPoint Antennas 226 NETSCOUT 426 Netskrt Systems Inc. 424 Newmar Table 10 Nokia 609 OnGo Alliance 726 PacketFlux Technologies 916 Paraqum Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. 707 Paymentus 505 Peraso Inc. 527 PerfectVision 501 Ping Marketing 112 PLP 802 Positron Access Solutions 619 Power & Tell 800 Powercode 528 PPC Broadband 323 Precision Optical Transceivers Inc. Table 2 Preseem 311 Radisys 325 Raycap 709 Red Jacket Solutions LLC 922 Regulatory Solutions Inc. 220 RemoteWinBox 518 RFelements 407 RINA Wireless 116 RITALIA FUNDING 302 ROHN Products LLC 703 SAF North America LLC 508 Safety One Training International Inc. 708 Saisei Networks 628 Segra 900 Select Spectrum 408 ServerPlus-Real Choice TV 524 Siklu 722 SkyBell Technologies 427 Solara Technical 309 Sonar Software 919 Streakwave Wireless 417 Superior Essex Communications 223 Tarana Wireless 401 Team Cymru 803 Tectonic - VComm – DEA 901 Telrad Networks 307 TELTECH GROUP 708 Tillman Infrastructure LLC 725 TOWER ONE INC. 419 TP-LINK USA 326 Unimus (NetCore j.s.a.) 509 UScellular 526 VIAVI 725 Vilo 209 Visp.net 111 WAV LLC 207 Wesco 423 Wind Talker Innovations Inc. 726 Winncom Technologies 717, 816 Xtreme Enterprises/Ericsson 606 Exhibitor �����������������������������������Booth # Exhibitor �����������������������������������Booth # Exhibitor �����������������������������������Booth # Exhibitor �����������������������������������Booth # EXHIBITORS AT-A-GLANCE

DAY 1 1 4 WISPAMERICA I MARCH 6 - 9, 2023 www.bekabusinessmedia.com Adtran Accelerates Broadband Rollouts with Scalable Fiber Access Platform Elevate Performance with Telco Systems’ TMC-3352 Adtran, Inc., the leading provider of nextgeneration open and disaggregated networking solutions, launched its SDX 6330 10Gbit/s Combo PON fiber access platform, enabling service providers to rapidly and cost-effectively connect homes and businesses with fiber-based broadband. The open and disaggregated solution offers the industry’s highest port density and is the first optical line terminal (OLT) with integrated 400Gbit/s uplinks. It will empower operators to accelerate fiber rollout and easily scale their networks to support dense urban, suburban and rural deployments. With enhanced energy efficiency, the highly compact, temperature-hardened fiber access platform will be important to meeting sustainability targets and addressing market demands for retail and wholesale providers. “Service providers face a tough environment as they strive to keep up with growing subscriber needs, expand coverage and meet green targets. With households and businesses accessing more and more data-hungry applications, operators need strategies in place to handle the surge in a cost-effective and sustainable way,” said Robert Conger, SVP of technology and strategy at Adtran. “This challenge is precisely what our third-generation fiber access platform aims to address. “Our SDX 6330 offers the network simplicity, sustainability and scalability needed to power the Gigabit Society,” Conger continued. “That’s what makes it a compelling alternative to chassis-based architectures. It’s the solution many operators are searching for as they look to expand their market share while improving customer experience.” The SDX 6330 is Adtran’s third generation of open and disaggregated OLT devices. With 48 ports of Combo PON in a compact and power-efficient design, it sets a new benchmark for lowering the total cost of deployment for 10Gbit/s services. Designed to deliver network simplicity and sustainability at scale, the solution offers deployment versatility and improved reach. Featuring open interfaces, it provides freedom to build best-in-class infrastructure with technology from multiple vendors, and its versatile architecture supports a range of network topologies and coherent optics. The SDX 6330 also helps meet corporate sustainability objectives by reducing power demand and landfill requirements. “Our SDX 6330 is the most advanced fiber access platform in the industry, and the impact it’s about to have will be significant. By empowering service providers to reduce both the time and cost of getting people connected, we’re going to see broadband coverage increase like never before,” said Ronan Kelly, CTO for EMEA and APAC at Adtran. “As pioneers in open and disaggregated fiber access innovation, we’ve consistently pushed boundaries, beginning with our industry-first deployments dating back to 2017. Now with our third-generation device, we’re taking density and scalability to new heights. Our SDX 6330 will transform networks into flexible, multigigabit service delivery platforms, empowering operators to stay ahead of the bandwidth consumption curve.” m Find more at Adtran’s website, www.adtran.com, or visit company representatives at booth 801. Telco Systems, a leading vendor of innovative solutions for the new generation of edge computing networks, unveils the MC-3352S Compact 10G Network Interface Device. This product provides 4x10G SFP+ network interfaces and 12x1G SFP user interfaces in a half 19-inch space, making it ideal for 1G/10G leased-line service delivery and 4G/5G mobile backhaul. In the fast-paced world of network technology, service providers require flexible, scalable and efficient solutions. The TMC-3352 delivers on all these fronts and more, with a cutting-edge Network Interface Device, built to meet the evolving needs of modern communication networks. The TMC-3352S is designed to offer service providers great flexibility and reliability in service design and deployment. It supports standard CE2.0 services, including E-Line, E-LAN, E-Tree, and E-Access, as well as advanced OAM, SLA, and resiliency features. The temperature-hardened hardware design and support for SyncE and IEEE1588v2 make the TMC-3352S ready for mobile backhaul. In addition, it supports a range of data services, including Ethernet, VPLS, and IP VPN, making it a one-stop solution for all your network needs. The TMC-3352 is highly scalable, allowing it to grow with your business and support your increasing bandwidth demands. The TMC-3352 is a must-have solution for service providers looking to stay ahead of the curve in their dynamic network environment. With its versatility, scalability, and high-performance architecture, the TMC-3352 is the perfect Network Interface Device for businesses of all sizes. m Get your first look of the TMC-3352 at Telco Systems’ booth 607, to see how you too can grow your business with us. Retail Store AI assisted video analytics OS Computer Vision Analytics Computer Vision Analytics Smart Queue Computer Vision Analytics Computer Vision Analytics Computer Vision Analytics (WiFi, 5G, copper, fiber) SD-WAN NGFW Data Center Lanner IIOT-I530 HAILO-8R™ AI acceleration model Workload

DAY 1 WWW.WISPA.ORG 1 5 www.bekabusinessmedia.com Ethernity Networks, a supplier of data processing semiconductor technology for networking appliances, introduced the UEP3808 Combo PON OLT, offering 10 Gigabit per second (XGS-PON) and Gigabit Passive Optical Networking (GPON) optical line termination (OLT). The UEP3808 can serve as either a complete OLT with software or as a white box offering to allow OEMs to port their own software on the platform. The UEP3808 can incorporate two or four FPGAs in a single OLT equipped with Ethernity’s PON OLT controller semiconductor IP, enabling a variety of flexible port configurations. The appliance can offer up to 16 ports of XGS-PON, 8 ports of CPON, 16 ports of GPON, or a combination thereof, as well as two ports of 100Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) and six ports of 10/25GbE to deliver 800Gbps of switching capacity. Moreover, all the configurations use the same hardware design and to support the various configurations pin-compatible FPGAs can be assembled on the same hardware. As with all Ethernity products, the UEP3808 also provides hardware acceleration of the data plane with advanced traffic management and high quality of service, creating a lower cost option compared to products based on merchant silicon. While access network architectures commonly use monolithic devices in which the control and forwarding planes are hosted on the same device, the UEP3808 disaggregates the control plane and forwarding plane, enabling service providers to control multiple OLT boxes as if they were cards in a chassis. They can employ a virtual controller to fit any subscriber density, freely adding ports as their network grows without the limitations of a fixedsized chassis. This also lets providers avoid vendor lock-in and build, develop, or integrate software and functionality at will. The design of the UEP3808 lends itself to a completely different use case in which it can serve as an aggregator and bonding/ de-bonding unit for multiple UEP2025 appliances, creating point-to-multipoint traffic delivery using Ethernity’s patented L1 linkbonding technology, covering an environment spanning multiple radio towers by porting Ethernity’s bonding semiconductor technology into the FPGAs. Ethernity’s CEO David Levi explained, “In the UEP3808, we landed upon a unique architecture that enables a lower-cost and higher-end functionality to serve the fiber access market with a unique and programmable offering for wireless internet service providers. We are confident that this platform will address the specific deployment needs of the WISP market.” Ethernity is running a live demo of its link bonding technology at WISPAMERICA at its booth 324 and will feature the UEP2025 indoor/outdoor unit, the UEP3808 Combo PON OLT, and the company’s new Two-Tier PON solution. m For more information, or to schedule an appointment to meet with Ethernity’s representatives at WISPAMERCIA, contact marketing@ ethernitynet.com. Ethernity Networks Introduces UEP3808 Combo PON OLT

DAY 1 1 6 WISPAMERICA I MARCH 6 - 9, 2023 www.bekabusinessmedia.com PPC Highlights Terminal Hand-off Boxes Optimize Your Operations with CTIconnect PPC Broadband (“PPC”), a leading developer and manufacturer of connectivity solutions for broadband and wireless applications, announced the expansion of its terminal hand-off box product line, which will be on display at the 2023 WISPAMERICA exposition in booth 323. The hand-off boxes are available in three new size configurations – mini, medium and large – to meet the varying demands of unique deployment sites. Each configuration is designed to accept industry standard LGX adapter panels and devices used in outdoor environments. They offer wireless network operators an efficient, compact solution that can be mounted inside a pole, on a panel or in subsurface applications. The new line of terminal boxes is ideal for small-cell fiber connections and optimized to save time on installation, testing and maintenance compared to competitive solutions. The Mini, Medium, and Large Terminal Hand-off Boxes are the latest entry in PPC’s growing wireless solutions portfolio. They represent a fraction of network-optimized solutions available from PPC, along with a range of integrated cabinet solutions, fiber-tothe-antenna (FTTA) cable assemblies, indoor and outdoor category cable, 50 ohm cable assemblies, category assemblies and connectors, and outside plant enclosures. The portfolio of solutions encompasses fiber and copper product categories, enabling PPC to support customers regardless of network design, component needs, and future plans. Whether for a next generation wireless application or a fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) architecture, PPC is positioned to support wireless service providers throughout North America. PPC Broadband Inc., a Belden Brand, was founded in 1940 and has been a leading manufacturer and developer of connectivity solutions for more than 80 years. An industry leader with more patents in coaxial connector technology than any other company worldwide, PPC is credited with many of the major broadband advancements made in the decades since its founding. Customers served include WISPs, broadband network operators, telecommunications providers, satellite companies and other wireless industry organizations. PPC is headquartered in Syracuse, N.Y. with additional U.S.-based locations in Anniston, Ala. and Shawnee, Kan. In addition to its North American operations, PPC operates global, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in China, Denmark, Germany, India, Mexico, Tunisia and the United Kingdom. m For information, visit its website http://www. ppc-online.com CTIconnect is committed to connectivity — and your ongoing education. Throughout 2023, CTI’s Senior Vice President of Professional Services and Engineering Justin Robinson, will host a series of in-person Tarana accreditation courses. These two-day, hands-on courses are designed for installers, administrators and NOC team members who want to deploy and operate a Tarana G1 network. The course will cover G1 installation and G1 administration in small groups for optimal engagement. “Learning happens when we share ideas and communicate with others about our field and networking experiences. Tarana accreditation allows you to become the subject matter expert on the Tarana portfolio and then apply that knowledge into your network or future network buildouts,“ Robinson.said. Upcoming courses are: • Houston, April 19-20 • Nashville, May 10-11 • Chicago, June 7-8 Tarana G1 allows WISPs to expand their business while helping close the digital divide in unserved and underserved areas. CTIconnect offers private trainings on location to arm your team with the tools they need to succeed. m To register for an upcoming accreditation event or to get more information on hosting a private training, go to cticonnect.com/tarana-training or come visit CTI Connect at booth 101 or Tarana Wireless at Booth 401 on the Exhibit Floor.

DAY 1 WWW.WISPA.ORG 1 7 www.bekabusinessmedia.com 3 Reasons Why WISPs Buy Virtual BNGs Virtual (or software-based) broadband network gateways (vBNGs) increasingly are being adopted by WISPs. Why? Below are three key reasons: • Insatiable Appetite for Internet Bandwidth – According to the Q4 2022 OpenVault Broadband Insights (OVBI) report, average broadband consumption approached a new high of nearly 600 GB per month and the percentage of subscribers on gigabit speed tiers has more than doubled. As bandwidth demand continues to ncrease rapidly, broadband network gateways (BNGs) have become a critical piece of the network. The BNG aggregates traffic from many subscribers and routes it to the network of the service provider. Once connected, a subscriber can access the broadband services delivered by their provider. In the past, WISPs typically bought hardware-based BNGs from large router manufacturers. These traditional BNGs are built with proprietary hardware and software bundled together. This was fine when network traffic was fairly static and predictable. That’s not the case today. In an environment of increasing broadband traffic, hardware-based BNGs require broadband providers to increase capacity by adding more proprietary, closed-system BNGs. This equates to more costs, more complexity, and more time. • Increased Scalability – The accelerating trend in bandwidth demand means subscribers only will to demand more. Therefore, WISPs need to ensure their networks have the capacity to stay ahead of these data usage trends. vBNGs increase network scalability by separating network functions from proprietary hardware appliances. By separating network functions from the physical infrastructure, you don’t have to purchase additional hardware appliances every time you need more network capacity. Capacity can be added quickly with a few software commands. • Easy to Deploy – Virtual BNGs are softwarebased solutions, which make them easy to deploy. Traditional BNGs run on proprietary hardware, while vBNGs use software running on highperformance x86 servers. By eliminating proprietary hardware, broadband providers can quickly and easily deploy vBNGs. netElastic developed one of the first software-based virtual BNGs (vBNGs) and has been a market leader ever since. netElastic vBNGs run on standard Intel Xeon Scalable processor-based CPU technology, which provides the scalability to handle increased network traffic and the flexibility to quickly make new feature changes. The pandemic has changed the way we live and work. As a result, internet traffic continues to grow. To keep ahead of the growing demand for bandwidth, service providers are transitioning from proprietary hardware-based networks to scalable software-based networks. This trend also is evident with BNGs. As WISPs increasingly adopting virtual BNGs for their greater scalability and flexibility. In addition to those benefits, netElastic vBNG, running on the latest standard Intel Xeon Scalable CPU technology, has increased the performance level for vBNGs significantly having reached 770 Gbps throughput. m To learn more, visit netElastic at booth 216 on the WISPAMERICA show floor or visit www. netelastic.com MACC can solve your billing, accounting, and inventory challenges If you need billing or accounting solutions, you need to talk to MACC. MACC keeps fixed and wireless internet companies running smoothly and efficiently. Our software's billing, general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory, and material management features are all tailored for the needs of internet service providers. Be sure to ask about MACC Mobile, which gives your team in the field the ability to manage inventory using their smart phone. 1-800-622-2502 | www.MACCnet.com | 111 Admiral Drive, Blair NE BOOTH 627