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Building security expertise through partnerships


hey say a leopard cannot change its spots to stripes –

and many would assert the same principle holds true

for most partners in the channel. If a partner’s busi-

ness is “stripes” based, common wisdom would say

they cannot easily adopt and sell “spot” solutions. However,

that’s what many technology partners today are attempting to

do by adding security solutions to their portfolio of offerings.

So, what are the security issues and trends that a

“stripes-focused” channel partner needs to keep in mind

today to successfully add “security-spots” to its portfolio

and grow its business?

Data Is Criminal Currency

As cyber-thieves continue to find new ways to steal,

misuse and profit from the sale of sensitive enterprise

data, more and more end-user customers want solutions

that will help them protect everything from their employee

and customer information to their corporate reputation

and brand image. Regulated, corporate and financial

data and intellectual property are the lifeblood of orga-

nizations. The more data organizations collect, the more

there is to protect, putting the

pace of growth

in the se-

curity sector at an astonishing trajectory. With this growth

Crime Fighting




July - August 2016