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Page Background BCM One

came into the world

as Business Communications Man-

agement (BCM) in 1992, when the

divestiture of Ma Bell was less than

10 years along and an environment of

finger-pointing existed between local

exchange carriers, long-distance pro-

viders and hardware manufacturers

when it came to which was respon-

sible for keeping companies’ telecom

services up and running. BCM saw an

opportunity to act as an outsourced

telecom/NOC service for companies,

making its business on the process

of diagnosing issues and working with

stakeholders to get things fixed. It

also provided consulting on opening

new offices or putting in new phone

systems, along with move manage-

ment (including cable plant design,

pricing out replacement services and

project-managing the move in terms of

both telco services and hardware).

In all of this it adopted an

agency business model in which it

earned monthly recurring commis-

sion (MRC) rather than consulting

fees – a relatively new

approach at the time.

In 1996, the Telecom

Act kicked off the CLEC

era, prompting BCM to

start a second business,

McGraw Communica-

tions. It was 100 percent

switchless and special-

ized in providing overlay

management services on

top of the circuits.

“Our approach was

different than most in

that we went with a virtual

network operator (VNO)

model,” explained John

Cunningham, co-founder

of BCM One. “We provided

white-glove service to midmarket

businesses. We weren’t about just

cutting 20 percent off the Verizon bill.

Instead, we were competitively priced

and guaranteed you to be speaking to

a live person within three rings.”

In 2008 a third business op-

portunity emerged for the company,

after consumer goods giant Revlon

asked it to design an MPLS net-

work to replace its global disparate

wide area network.

“With the CLEC resources we had,

we were able to load the inventory

and build a front end so they could

have visibility,” Cunningham said.


CM One is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year,

having watched its “plan, design, deploy and manage”

approach to technology grow organically into a highly

agile organization that seems custom-made for the cloud era.




BCM One at 25




BCM One leadership, left to right: Jay Monaghan, COO;

Frank Ahearn, Founder, Co-CEO; John Cunningham,

Founder, Co-CEO

at your service: Xaas




January - February, 2017