Aerospike Unveils Database 6

Aerospike Inc. announces today the availability of Aerospike Database 6, a release of the core engine that powers the Aerospike Real-time Data Platform. Aerospike Database 6 provides developers an environment that supports multiple programming models to build real-time applications with a predictable performance at any scale for which Aerospike is renowned.

Aerospike Database 6.0 is a real-time database with native support for JSON document models at an unlimited scale. The release adds enhanced support for Java programming models, including JSONpath query support to store, search, and better manage complex data sets and workloads.

The release allows Aeropsike to support large-scale data models in instances across the enterprise and positions the company to add Time Series, Graph, and more data models in future releases.

Highlights of the Aerospike Database 6:

  • Sophisticated Secondary Indexes – Aerospike Database 6 offers massively parallel secondary indexes supporting partition and pagination queries. The release gives secondary index queries the same speed and efficiency as primary indexes. Further, it supports SQL via Spark and Presto/Trino Connectors as plug-and-play integrations found on Aerospike Connect.
  • Large Scale Document Data Models – Aerospike 6 is a real-time data platform to support document data models that can deliver sub-millisecond performance at the gigabyte-to-petabyte scale. Aerospike 6, with JSON and JSONpath query support, adds the ability to store, search, query, and manage richer and more varied data from terabyte to petabyte scale.
  • Large Scale Batch Processing – Aerospike Database 6 enhanced batch API allows heavy read/writes and mixed workloads to reduce round-trip-time and network traffic while improving parallelism for faster data ingestion and processing. The result is more efficient batch processing of data operations at any scale.
  • Federal Security Compliance – Aerospike Database 6 is FIPS 140-2 compliant, providing Federal Agencies the ability to deploy large-scale, mixed workload use cases securely.

Learn more about The Aerospike Real-time Data Platform at Mission Now – The Aerospike 2022 Summit. 

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