Alation Presents Partner Program for Open Connector Framework

Alation Inc., a principal in enterprise data intelligence solutions, launched a partner program for open connector framework to deliver connectivity to data sources. The program builds a partner ecosystem to expand connectivity using the Alation Open Connector Framework, a software development kit that simplifies the advancement of Alation connectors.

Alation’s partner program joins the Open Data Quality Initiative launched in 2022, to strengthen the company’s commitment to open extensibility.

Alation provides connectors to more than 80 data sources, including Snowflake, Databricks, AWS and Tableau. As the modern data stack grows in complexity and organizations deploy an array of disparate data sources, enhancing visibility across the data stack is critical to improve data trust, accelerate time to value and foster data-driven decision-making.

Certified partners in the program for open connector framework can build connectors to populate more metadata from the complex ecosystem into Alation Data Catalog.

The certified partners in the program receive integration materials that provide guidance on how to integrate and create unique connectors better.

Additionally, certification provides customers with peace of mind, signaling that vendor-built connectors are trustworthy and will integrate seamlessly with Alation. The company’s network of trusted partners accelerates the ability to provide connectors to today’s modern data stack, as well as the technologies of tomorrow, as infrastructure and data sources change regularly.

With the partner program for open connector framework, Alation customers extend visibility to a greater number of customer-specific business intelligence platforms, databases, data transformation, pipeline tools, cloud apps and a more holistic view of their data. As partners build innovative connectors, customers can pull metadata from nearly any data source and access it via the Alation Data Catalog.

“Our goal is to make Alation the most open and extensible data catalog on the market, and the partner program for the open connector framework is a key step in that journey,” said Raj Gossain, chief product officer for Alation. “We’re setting the industry precedent that organizations should have the option to connect all data sources to their data intelligence platform. By enabling and certifying partners to build connectors, Alation is helping organizations future-proof their technology investments.”

Partners are invited to join the program to build connectors to specific data sources, ensuring Alation customers have connectivity across the modern data stack.