Facebook Sets Its Sights on the Channel

SYNNEX recently made headlines when the company became the first U.S. distributor for Workplace by Facebook, a new collaboration tool.

Workplace is an ad-free version of Facebook’s consumer platform. It contains a variety of features like a news feed, live video streaming, messaging and more. It’s designed to complement leading collaboration services like Slack and Microsoft teams. It also integrates with multiple third-party cloud applications like Dropbox and Google.

The platform is designed to be a private social media service for businesses seeking alternative ways to keep employees connected. Workplace also requires minimal end user training, making it easy for teams to start using it.

SYNNEX is initially offering Workplace through a limited set of resellers.

“We’re really looking for people that are interested in building a business around it,” said SYNNEX Senior Vice president of Cloud Services, Mobility and IoT Rob Moyer.

All signs indicate that Facebook is working on a channel program for Workplace—and the collaboration with SYNNEX is the first step in this process.