Force Management’s Ascender Sharpens Sellers’ Skills

Force Management, provider of elite sales solutions, launched today its trademarked Ascender by Force Management, an online subscription platform for individual contributors and small teams. Ascender taps into Force Management’s sales effectiveness strategies that which have helped some of the world’s largest brands to achieve revenue growth.

Force Management created Ascender to elevate salespeople through every stage of their career, no matter their company’s enablement. A seller’s earning potential is often limited only by the amount of work they put into critical sales activities. Ascender enables that effort and provides a place to excel. The platform can help people adapt to new roles, selling larger deals or to different decision-makers.

“It takes work to be an elite salesperson. Ascender gives salespeople the roadmap and playbook to reach their goals, whether that be closing a major deal this quarter or achieving President’s Club for the year,” said Force Management CEO Grant Wilson.

Ascender brings three main components together in one platform: content that’s updated daily, a curriculum that includes certifications and a community to help salespeople learn from their peers.

Ascender also serves as ongoing education for those who have gone through Force Management’s training programs.

Force Management’s core B2B methodologies help companies accelerate growth and increase valuations by focusing on the four critical areas of sales effectiveness: messaging, execution, planning, and talent. Force Management’s offerings drive success for businesses in cybersecurity, FinTech, business intelligence and analytics, EdTech, DevOps and other B2B markets by cutting ramp-time and focusing on long-term outcomes.

Individual sellers and small teams (less than 15) can access skills-based content aligned to the Force point-of-view. Ascender subscribers will have access to a MEDDICC curriculum and certification, methodologies.

Learn more about Ascender and take control of your future.