Former C-Level Telecom Executive Launches Reyburn Consulting Group

Warren Reyburn, former chief revenue officer and executive vice president of Telesystem (formerly Line Systems) announced today that he and a team of fellow industry veterans have launched Reyburn Consulting Group, LLC.

RCG partners with both customers and carriers to review existing services with a holistic approach. Be it establishing portal access, tracking down CSRs/DLRs, or invoices and contracts, RCG works to build a full-scale inventory and identify the applications and related costs in play.  In addition to unearthing savings, Reyburn and his team identify ways to reinvest those dollars into business development opportunities, efficiency efforts, and additional human and software resources.

“Having partnered with Warren for many years, I was thrilled to learn of his latest offering,” said Brad Bono, co-founder of Paetec Communications and current founder and CEO of Princeton Hosted Solutions. “The team at RCG has created value through the rendering of their experiences, network, and practical solutions to Partners.  As we continue our growth surge at PHS, it is partners, true partners, like RCG that are essential in accelerating our path to successfully implementing our strategies.”

In addition to their auditing services, RCG places a focus on project and provider management to implement recommended changes.

Since their inception in February of 2019, Reyburn Consulting Group has produced millions of dollars in recurring cost reductions and credits for their clients while in essence becoming an adjunct member of the organizations they support.  Every collaborative effort is intended to help facilitate clients’ future growth and contribute to internal efficiencies and effectiveness.

“I am thrilled to return to my entrepreneurial approach and applying my experience to the benefit of those around me,” said Reyburn. “We’ve been so pleased with the immediate response and reception of the vision and value proposition. Our collaboration model is unique, as we aim not just to provide financial relief but form a long-term partnership to alleviate the anxiety of supporting such Enterprise and Carrier telecommunication service environments in the future.”