Maistering Enhances Artificial Intelligence Portfolio with Arria NLG

Arria NLG today announced that Maistering will augment its artificial intelligence portfolio, Master Collections, with Arria’s natural language generation (NLG) technology.

Maistering, a global provider of artificial intelligence applications, selected Arria NLG Studio after vetting numerous NLG providers.

Named a world leader by Gartner, Arria NLG turns data into voice and/or written narratives that enable better, more informed decision-making across an enterprise. Arria NLG Studio 3.0, the latest iteration of its natural language platform, combines advanced Language Analytics with computational linguistics to narrate and add context to any data.

Arria is self-service, flexible and can interpret all structured data from spreadsheets, JSON files, or entire datasets underlying business intelligence (BI) dashboards.

NLG automates the generation of corporate reports such as profit and loss statements, executive summaries and variance analyses. For business intelligence dashboard users, natural language narratives augment data visualizations, clarifying insights with explanations in language anyone can understand.

NLG eliminates reporting challenges by automatically analyzing structured data, identifying important and useful information and creating contextual narratives that are almost indistinguishable from analyses authored by human experts. The only disparity is that NLG gets this done in minutes, not days.

To deliver AI-powered solutions that meet the needs of enterprise executives, Maistering required an NLG solution that could integrate with its CXO Orchestration technology suite, Master Collections. Company executives recognized that users need tools to easily create narratives from both numeric and non-numeric information.

For Maistering customers, the ability to create custom narratives from complex data sets in real time delivers unprecedented value.

Headquartered in The Netherlands, Maistering’s uniquely designed CXO lab is located in Amsterdam, an AI hotspot, and provides business leaders the opportunity to experience Master Collections hands-on and get inspired by the rich-curation of AI-services and contents.

Arria’s powerful NLG technology brings knowledge to business leaders by automating large datasets, reports and information to produce actionable & insightful narratives, on-demand.