Masergy Launches Integrated SD-WAN Shadow IT Discovery Solution

Masergy has launched a shadow IT discovery solution.

Building on its mission to make security intrinsic to its SD-WAN platform and to offer the most robust real-time visibility and control, Masergy is empowering enterprises to immediately identify and appropriately address unauthorized SaaS applications.

The proliferation of SaaS applications continues to compound each year, the company said, exposing businesses to ever-increasing cloud threats and cybersecurity vulnerabilities. According to Gartner, the average enterprise has more than 888 unauthorized SaaS applications running unbeknownst to IT departments. Furthermore, Gartner clients indicate that “shadow IT” investments can exceed 40 percent of formal IT spend.

Masergy Shadow IT Discovery immediately scans and identifies all applications, providing clients visibility through the SD-WAN management portal. Until now, IT departments have had to rely on a variety of endpoint security solutions and guesswork to access this information. The time savings and decreased threat exposure will help IT organizations increase their security posture and keep up with the blind spots created by unsanctioned usage.

This announcement comes just four months after the Masergy AIOps product launch, in which the company released the industry’s first SD-WAN-integrated digital assistant for network, security, and application optimization.