Pia aiDesk Simplifies Processes for MSPs

Pia launched Pia aiDesk, a platform that integrates with existing IT service management (ITSM) tools to simplify processes, free up resources, and improve operational efficiencies for managed services providers (MSPs).

“Getting the service desk right has always been a pain point for MSPs,” said Christian Pacheco, founder and CEO of Pia. “An AI-first approach to improving operational efficiency through process optimization, Pia reduces the time technicians spend on Level 1 and Level 2 support tickets. With Pia, MSPs will be able to reduce their workloads, resolve tickets faster, and improve ticket closure rates.”

Founded and led by Pacheco, an entrepreneur and owner of Virtual IT Group, one of the top MSPs in Australia, Pia solved a significant problem he was having as an MSP owner. Before developing the solution, his help desk technicians frequently spent time on daily repetitive tasks (e.g., changing calendar permissions, deleting mail contacts, setting up remote desktop access, and diagnosing remote desktop issues) instead of focusing on high-value activities.

This kept his business costs high (labor in particular), negatively affected employee morale (leading to high turnover) and hampered consistent service delivery (preventing quality outcomes for his clients).

Instead of waiting for someone else to build a solution, Pacheco and his team created their own automations, focusing first on clients with labor-intensive processes.

For instance, there was a lot of governance around creating new users for his client in the construction industry. By automating the process, Pacheco and his team reduced a four-hour task to about six minutes, seeing results almost immediately.

Recognizing there was a need for an automated ticket resolution solution in the market for MSPs, Pacheco began developing Pia into what it is today.

Pia today has more than 100 automations and integrations for MSPs. The platform has more than 50 automation packages, which include automations for service desk tasks such as changing user details, resetting network password, granting mailbox permissions, troubleshooting network drives, terminating users, deploying SonicWall VPN, modifying distributing group settings, and many more.

The solution integrates seamlessly into most professional automation services (PSA) tools, including ConnectWise PSA, Kaseya BMS, Autotask, ServiceNow, and HaloPSA. Pia also has integrations with key vendors and products, including Microsoft 365 and Teams, Rhipe, Citrix, RingCentral, Mimecast, IT Glue, Open VPN, and Titan.

There are already 49 partners across three continents using the platform. Pia’s goal is to reach 500 partners by December.