Sandler Partners Kicks Off Internet Circuit Monitoring

Sandler Partners, through its partnership with ZeroOutages, will offer next-generation Internet circuit monitoring to its network of more than 3,000 technology sales partners.

Using ZeroOutages’ Vivo solution, Sandler Partners is enabling its sales partners to offer their business customers free circuit monitoring with automated network alerting in the event of a network issue and/or Internet outage. The service comes with access to ZeroOutages ZOOM portal, so that Sandler’s sales partners can monitor all of their customers via a single Web interface.

Sandler Partners agents also can offer customers next-generation, carrier-neutral SLA and bandwidth monitoring, along with automated ticketing, for a small monthly fee. As a result Sandler’s sales partners can now offer complete WAN management from a single source.

Additionally, Sandler Partners agents can obtain carrier credits for their customers when provider SLAs are not met.  This annual SLA audit feature enables Sandler Partners agents to deliver significant added value for their customers.

“Sandler agents can now offer unique Internet monitoring and management services to their customers,” said Daren French, vice president of business development at ZeroOutages. “They now have a single source to provide advanced carrier-neutral SLA monitoring, network redundancy, link bonding, SD-WAN and provider ticketing.”

Alan Sandler, managing partner for the master agency, added, “Since partnering with ZeroOutages, we already have seen rising demand for their services. Both our sales partners and our network providers have expressed excitement about the Vivo solution as a way for carrier and client teams to work together to monitor network performance and provide an enhanced customer experience.”