Spirion Unveils Global Alliance Partner Program

Spirion has announced a global alliance partner program, a worldwide partner ecosystem committed to simplifying and strengthening the protection of personal data to reduce organizational risk and facilitate compliance with growing data protection regulations.

The program brings together software developers, technology providers, systems integrators, and solution providers to extend the functionality of Spirion’s data privacy management framework, which provides an end-to-end approach to personal data lifecycle management by enabling enterprises to automatically detect and protect personal data based on five fundamentals: discover, classify, understand, control and comply.

Solution providers include GuidePoint Security and HALOCK Security Labs, along with technology alliance partners such as ContextSpace, Seclore, and Tonic.

The tiered program, which will launch in phases, offers support for technology alliance partners and solution provider partners. Technology alliance partners include software developers and technology providers with industry-leading products that complement, integrate, and operate with Spirion’s suite of data protection solutions. Partners include systems integrators and value-added providers that are trained and certified by Spirion to identify and implement value-added solutions.

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The new program also supports solution provider partners and technology alliance partners with product, marketing, sales, and technical resources to accelerate time-to-market for high-value, integrated solutions. Partners gain access to technical enablement resources, including APIs and integration toolkits to speed the build of data integrations; product licenses for testing, certification, and demonstration; product training and technical support; joint marketing opportunities and sales engagements in addition to go-to-market tools.