UBiqube DevOps Teams Knock Out Application Deployment Complexity

Cloud infrastructure automation provider UBiqube announced today enhancements to its Cloudclapp hybrid cloud deployment SaaS offering. The updates bring new cost optimization and security/compliance capabilities to the product, first launched in beta in April.

Cloudclapp makes application deployment easy over hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure. It is built atop the UBiqube marquee MSActivator infrastructure automation platform, which is in use by dozens of cloud service providers (CSPs) worldwide for complex network, cloud and security services automation.

“‘We’ve extended the MSActivator infrastructure abstraction to hybrid clouds and built over it Cloudclapp with the aim of making it easy for all IT engineers to set up and tear down cloud environments suited for any type of application deployment from edge to core, from private to public,” explained Nabil L. Souli, CEO of UBiqube. “Cloudclapp bridges the expertise gap between cloud engineers and application developers, and it provides a cloud agnostic single pane of glass for security, compliance and cost control.”

Cloudclapp empowers DevOps teams with automated application deployment over complex, hybrid cloud environments. It lowers the cloud complexity hurdle by reducing the lead time IT teams require to deploy applications to new environments, lowering cloud costs and accelerating innovation.

Cloudclapp provides a ‘no code’ approach to building Infrastructure environments, no matter the infrastructure components or vendors at play. Cloudclapp focuses on the user’s application deployment job and removes the expertise required to set up and tear down infrastructure.

With Cloudclapp, users can leverage integrations with their preferred CI/CD tools, selecting apps and artifacts to deploy. They can allocate Cloudclapp’s pre-built environments — or design/edit their own — for easy deployment.

And they can manage and monitor app and environment performance, cost and security, adjusting as needed. Users can optimize infrastructure costs by adjusting consumed environments.

Finally, Cloudclapp reduces cloud lock-in by simplifying the process of migrating workloads and data to new environments.

Cloudclapp is available in two tiers:

  • The Community tier is $0 per month with no time limit. Five environments can be maintained across three user accounts. The Community tier provides all the basics for quick and simple cloud app deployment.
  • The Pro tier is $100 per user per month, with a minimum of 10 users. It delivers unlimited infrastructure environments and user accounts, and it provides access to the entire enterprise-level platform, complete with all the tools needed for cloud app deployment, monitoring and management.

To learn more, go to the Cloudclapp website to get started for free, or learn more at http://www.ubiqube.com.