Vodafone Allies with AppDirect to Accelerate Channel Success

AppDirect is expanding its commercial partnership with Vodafone Business to enable technology advisors to sell Vodafone Business’ communications services in the channel and gives both companies increased access to international markets.

As a long-time AppDirect partner, Vodafone Business relies on the AppDirect platform to power its 13 corporate branded B2B marketplaces, enabling Vodafone Business to support direct and partner sales across Europe.

With this announcement, Vodafone Business expands its reach into the North American channel through the AppDirect procurement marketplace and network of 10,000 advisors.

For AppDirect advisors, the partnership expands their ability to solve complex business challenges for customers, including connecting multinational U.S. customers to parts of Vodafone’s global network. The agreement supports advisors in securing international opportunities with options to deliver Vodafone’s fixed, mobile and internet of things (IoT) connectivity and solutions globally.

To help customers navigate and adopt Vodafone Business solutions, AppDirect advisors can sell AppHelp services. With AppHelp services, advisors can give their customers training and support to realize greater value from their Vodafone Business investments.

To learn more about the AppDirect and Vodafone Business partnership, visit www.appdirect.com.