VoIP Innovations Rolls Out Virtual CLEC Capabilities

VoIP Innovations is now a virtual competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC).

As a virtual CLEC, VoIP Innovations can now provide its own network when delivering communications platform as a service and SIP Trunking solutions.

VI offers a unique set of developer tools with its CPaaS product, Apidaze. Developers use REST APIs to build microservices like two-factor authentication, advanced voicemail, hosted contact centers, call recording/transcription and high volume fax.

Once the services are completed, developers can publish them to the VoIP Innovations Showroom (currently closed for beta testing). The Showroom acts as a global distribution platform and reaches thousands of potential customers. There are also white label options available for the Showroom.

In addition, VI offers services such as domestic and international inbound and outbound calling, SMS, fax, toll-free, E911, hosted billing, fraud detection, fraud protection and an end user portal.

Additional services and features include customizable widget dashboards, SMS enablement for on-net and off-net numbers and custom rate decks.