Ytel Partners with First Orion to Provide Branded Calling to Enterprises

First Orion, a provider of branded communication solutions, announced its partnership with Ytel, a software company that helps businesses engage more customers using multi-channel communications. As a result, Ytel offers First Orion’s INFORM Paired solution, which gives clients the ability to brand their calls while using an advanced brand spoof mitigation solution.

“It’s not a secret that companies are struggling to connect with customers via the phone channel based on the declining answer rates caused by calls incorrectly labeled as spam or consumer mistrust in phone numbers they don’t recognize,” said Nick Newsom, CEO and founder of Ytel. “Our customers want improved engagement rates when placing outgoing calls, and First Orion’s branded calling technology in conjunction with Ytel’s proprietary technology is the most effective solution to this problem available on the market.”

The frequency in which consumers receive scam calls has led to them ignoring calls from phone numbers they don’t recognize. This consumer behavior negatively impacts the answer rates for legitimate businesses making outbound calls to their customers and prospects.

However, branded calling helps companies restore their customers’ trust and increases engagement via the phone channel by empowering them to display their name and reason for calling on the recipient’s mobile device at the time of the call and in the call log afterward.

Apart from branding calls, this solution virtually eliminates the ability for scammers to use a company’s display name when spoofing – outsmarting bad actors and restoring their customers’ trust in the phone call.

“First Orion’s channel program continues to see tremendous growth, and working with Ytel is the latest example of our commitment to partner-led sales,” said Mike Otting, channel chief and SVP of platform and wholesale at First Orion. “Ytel’s approach of directly integrating branded calling into their platform is a key differentiator and streamlines the process for enterprises looking to improve the phone call experience for employees and customers.”

Branded calling provides call recipients with context and has led to increases in answer and engagement rates. According to a survey conducted by First Orion, nine in 10 people said they feel comfortable answering a branded call, while 85 percent of people believe an unknown number makes a company appear illegitimate.

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