365 Data Centers Enhances Business Continuity Services

365 Data Centers, a provider of network-centric colocation, cloud solutions and network connectivity, announces enhanced business continuity capabilities to serve customers at its data center facilities in two regional markets: Smyrna/Atlanta and Marlboro/Boston.

Both space and connectivity at the facilities have been improved significantly. This ensures existing and prospective customers in 365’s Florida, Georgia, New England and Tennessee markets have access to regional, high-availability business continuity space and all of 365’s resilient and interconnected colocation, network and cloud services.

In addition, 365 provides similar services on a smaller scale at its Carlstadt, N.J. and Philadelphia data center facilities to serve its mid-Atlantic region customers.

“Our now enhanced business continuity services meet the most discerning needs, providing the venues and environment that customers need to operate in the normal course of business,” said Bob DeSantis, CEO of 365 Data Centers. “Coupled with proximity to our colocation, network, internet, cloud, and managed service capabilities, 365 customers can be assured that their business and deliverables to their customers will continue without interruption.”

With the recent rebranding and upgrade, 365 Data Centers’ Smyrna and Marlboro business continuity facilities now boast 350 and 250 seats, respectively, conference and break rooms, reliable PC workstations, telephones, and printer access.

The suites are supported by highly resilient critical infrastructure to ensure continuous availability, including UPS-supported power with emergency backup generators available in an N+1 configuration to provide continuous operations during utility outages.

For more information, visit: www.365datacenters.com.