Accelecom Fortifies Connectivity for Health Center in Kentucky

Accelecom, a provider of next-generation fiber solutions has been selected by Horizon Adult Health Care to provide high-speed internet solutions into its 17 locations across Kentucky.

Horizon Adult Health Care faced two primary challenges prior to partnering with Accelecom. First, the organization sought a single network provider able to provide network solutions to each of its geographically dispersed locations, each with varying bandwidth requirements. Second, it sought a hyper-resilient network infrastructure to support the transition to cloud-based electronic medical records (EMR) systems.

Accelecom’s fiber optic solutions emerged as the answer to these challenges, enabling Horizon Adult Health Care to optimize its operations and enhance patient care.

Horizon Adult Health Care has been providing services in Kentucky for more than 20 years. It gives individuals and families an alternative in their healthcare decisions for the elderly

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