Aligned Automation, ColorTokens Partner to Ensure Cybersecurity Solutions

ColorTokens Inc., an innovator of autonomous zero trust cybersecurity solutions, has partnered with Aligned Automation, an outcome-driven digital transformation services company, to offer enterprise solutions for the journey to digital transformation with the assurance of cybersecurity. The partnership stems from the increased need for companies to mitigate growing risks as cyber threats continue to affect individual privacy and business security.

Aligned Automation designs and implements end-to-end digital solutions across key functions, harnessing the power of data and digital technologies through the Nerve Center. As they empower businesses with digital processes, the partnership with ColorTokens offers 360-degree visualizations in on-premises, multi-cloud, remote access and zero-trust security environments. Because of the partnership, Aligned Automation customers will benefit from ColorTokens’ line of defense against constantly evolving cyberattacks, reducing risk across the board. The partnership also allows for faster time-to-value for clients.

“Our customers trust us with their sensitive data and security-compliant outcomes,” said Aligned Automation CEO and founder, Nitin Ahuja. “ColorTokens is a natural extension of our solutions. With a smooth integration process, the platform further enhances complete enforcement of security measures within weeks instead of months. We’re thrilled to bring this powerful combination to our customers.”

Through its solutions, ColorTokens simplifies, accelerates and automates security operations to defend against attacks on data centers, hybrid models, cloud-based applications, dynamic applications, endpoints, individual users, devices and more.

The zero trust security platform defends adaptable solutions, such as the Nerve Center, which offers the cloud applications necessary for accessibility and rapid decision-making in a global, always-on business environment.

“Prioritizing security across all levels of connected data, from a customer’s data all the way to a supply chain’s management, is crucial,” said Rajesh Khazanchi, CEO and co-founder of ColorTokens. ”

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