AT&T Fiber Customers Can Level Up on Internet Speeds, Security Features

AT&T Fiber customers on entry and mid-level plans will get a 200Mbps boost to their upload and download speeds, according to the company.

AT&T Fiber’s 100Mbps plan will become Internet 300, which the company states is the fastest entry speed at 300Mbps compared to major cable providers. Its previous 300Mbps plan will increase to 500Mbps (the new Internet 500). The 1 GIG plan (Internet 1000) remains a fan favorite for those who need the fastest speeds.

With this option, AT&T Fiber customers can take advantage of a premium speed and streaming mix with HBO Max included.

AT&T Fiber also knows customers want security they can trust. So it is offering AT&T Internet Security to AT&T Fiber customers at no additional cost. Customers can access the Smart Home Manager app and receive an automatic guard from online threats throughout their whole home, including on Wi-Fi. AT&T Internet Security is the latest addition to AT&T ActiveArmor, its security suite to protect customers from digital threats.

AT&T Fiber says it will begin working with its partners, new and existing customers currently on Internet 100 and 300 to upgrade them to Internet 300 and 500 automatically at no additional cost.

“If there’s anything we’ve learned from that past year, it’s that fast, reliable and affordable internet is becoming a critical need for all Americans,” according to Roger Entner, analyst and founder of Recon Analytics. “At least three-quarters of Americans would not move to a place that does not have broadband. With most Americans spending more than four hours on the internet every day, high-capacity connectivity is at the center of our transactional lives. We now learn, work, shop, bank, socialize and entertain ourselves online, and we need broadband to do these things at scale.”

With more people working, schooling and socializing from home, AT&T Fiber customers are seeing the value of fiber. Fiber is designed specifically to provide high-speed internet – even during high usage times. This helps to eliminate internet disruptions.

The security of AT&T Fiber customers is a top priority, and a recent survey commissioned by AT&T found the average person’s time on the internet grew more than 20 percent during the pandemic. That means more opportunity for hackers and fraudsters to try to take advantage of internet users. AT&T ActiveArmor combats those bad actors on mobile and home devices by bringing its security expertise, resources and assets together to help protect the internet and wireless customers from potential threats.

AT&T Fiber customers can enable this service from Smart Home Manager. When AT&T Internet Security detects a known vulnerability, it alerts customers with a push notification and records it in the message center within the app. This provides active threat protection, alerts, solutions and a virtual assistant for:

  • Weak Password Detection – Identifies a weak password and asks the customer to create a stronger one if a device is logged in with a commonly known password.
  • Suspicious Device Blocking – Inhibits a device that connects to a website in a foreign country from transmitting data.
  • Safe Browsing – Blocks suspicious sites for safe online activity.
  • Intrusion Blocking – Keeps hackers from attempting to connect to the home network by scanning IP addresses and trying to login or exploit any weakness.
  • Denial of Service (DDos) Protection – Prevents a device within the home network from being used as a launch point for a denial-of-service attack.
  • Home Network Vulnerability Scan – Scans the home network regularly to identify weak spots and device vulnerabilities.
  • Sensitive Data Protection – Evaluates if sensitive data (social security number, banking info, passwords, etc.) is transmitted over an unsafe (non-encrypted) connection and blocks traffic to that connection.

Finally, AT&T Fiber, customers can enjoy elevated in-home connectivity with the latest Wi-Fi technology. Where available, eligible AT&T Internet and Fiber customers can get the newest AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway, which is Wi-Fi 6 and Tri-Band-enabled.

The company started trialing its Wi-Fi 6 and Tri-Band Extender with certain AT&T Fiber customers. The new extender seamlessly connects with its Wi-Fi Gateways to create a mesh network throughout the home. Paired with its fiber network, Wi-Fi 6 and Tri-Band technology pave the way to deliver an enhanced internet experience with multi-gig speeds for customers in the future.