AVANT Launches Analyst Division

AVANT has launched AVANT Analytics, a new analyst division that combines the knowledge base of AVANT’s business engagements with primary research and analysis.

The division was designed to help AVANT’s Trusted Advisors and their customers make successful technology decisions that best match their circumstances, needs, and budgets.

As AVANT CEO Ian Kieninger explained, the company is uniquely positioned to bring a technology-positive, vendor-agnostic view of the industry that separates sales pitches from analysis and delivers high value without a pay-for-play framework.

Trusted Advisors will be able to access data-rich content such as reports, white papers, e-books, and on-demand videos to help identify trends that are shaping enterprise IT decisions. This library will build upon the depth of research AVANT has already released with its State of Disruption report and the Cloud Channel Survey.

The company is also working on a series of podcasts.