AVOXI Expands Coverage in China

AVOXI recently expanded its coverage in China in support of growing demand for local and 400 number services. In January, AVOXI announced its Asia Pacific (APAC) addition of a global point of presence (PoP) in Hong Kong along with an expanded customer-focused team.

The added local numbers cover top business centers in China, and the selection is not available through other service providers. Included in the local number offerings are direct inward dialing (DID) numbers for:

  • Beijing: 86 105387 XXXX
  • Guangzhou: 86 208615 XXXX
  • Shanghai: 86 216031 XXXX
  • Shenzhen: 86 7556182 XXXX

The DID numbers support businesses seeking to establish a local presence without incurring the expenses of physical offices. Additionally, the numbers have no in-country restrictions allowing anyone from any carrier through mobile or landline service to call. With numbers readily available in AVOXI’s inventory, provisioning is handled within hours. Also, provisioning the DID numbers requires no documentation such as a business license or proof of residency. AVOXI’s service includes unlimited channels and concurrent calls while other providers typically offer only two channels or a maximum of two simultaneous calls.

China 400 numbers offer nationwide mobile-friendly coverage. China 400 numbers (4000 and 4006) are popular for their regional in-country coverage. Additionally, the 400 numbers generally include mobile access, which is not readily available in other number services. As a shared cost number, callers have a minimal fee charged to their phone bill. The business purchasing the 400 number service covers the bulk of minute charges.

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“We continue to focus on bringing more and more local services to our customers around the world. We are very happy to be able to offer this competitive portfolio of virtual numbers to China,” stated Weston Edmunds, EVP AVOXI Carrier Relations and Regulatory Policy.

Handled directly from with the country using aggregate Chinese networks, AVOXI’s China number service provides the best call quality possible. With AVOXI’s Hong Kong point of presence, call traffic starts within Asia and stays in Asia. That promotes reliable connectivity with virtually no voice quality issues.

“Asia is an increasingly important market for our clients, this new expansion into China is consistent with our overall global expansion strategy,” explained David Wise, CEO at AVOXI. “We will continue to build services and solutions in regions highly demanded by our clients.”


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