BCN Expands SD-WAN Portfolio with Cisco-Meraki Solution

BCN has expanded its SD-WAN service portfolio with the addition of a Cisco-Meraki solution.

BCN’s nationwide network of sales partners can now offer both VeloCloud and Cisco-Meraki SD-WAN solutions, allowing customers to select the best-fit for their specific requirements.

As a single source technology solution provider, BCN is also able to provide the connectivity needed to build the access network in support of a fully managed SD-WAN implementation. Both the VeloCloud and Cisco-Meraki SD-WAN solutions can utilize the full breadth of the company’s 75+ underlying network partners for bandwidth such as DIA, DSL, Cable and 4G LTE. BCN can also design a complete SD-WAN overlay solution using the customer’s existing access bandwidth if that’s what’s needed.