Big Data Fosters Intelligent Security

The business world today is a fast-moving landscape involving ubiquitous mobility, the cloud and an exponentially growing amount of information. The Big Data era is in turn driving massive changes in security requirements, giving channel partners and VARs a new set of intelligent security tools to offer their customers.

RSA predicted in a report on Big Data that the information security sector will see big changes by 2015, including revamped tools for SIEM, network monitoring, user authentication and authorization, identity management, fraud detection, governance, risk and compliance systems.

Those products will be available in more of a plug-and-play manner as well. “Previously, the advanced data analytics tools deployed within security operations centers were custom-built, but 2013 marks the beginning of the commercialization of Big Data technologies in security, a trend that will reshape security approaches, solutions and spending over the coming years,” RSA said.

The rise of a cloud-based, highly mobile business world has rendered obsolete prevailing security practices reliant on perimeter defenses and on static security controls requiring predetermined knowledge of threats. Security leaders are shifting to an intelligence-driven security model – a model that is risk-aware, contextual and agile and can help organizations defend against unknown threats, researchers said.

“Big Data is changing the nature and addressing the limitations of conventional security controls such as signature-based anti-malware and firewalls as well as rules-based identity and access management tools,” said Sam Curry, CTO for Identity and Data Protection and chief technologist at RSA. “Big Data is being applied in new ways to enable security controls that are adaptive, risk-based and self-learning so that security is continuously evaluated and the level of protection is automatically adjusted based on changing environmental and risk conditions.”

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