Business Texter Logs Usage Milestone

Business Texter has announced a milestone for its intelligent messaging software: its customers have successfully messaged 1 percent of the more than 300 million US mobile subscribers.

Business Texter targets call centers, realtors, restaurants, schools, political organizations, recruiters and others that use texting to communicate with their customers and audiences. It’s driven by artificial Intelligence, combined with  learning algorithms, to offer intelligent responses to common queries.

“Our suite of tools allow businesses to interact with their customers like never before,” said CTO David Johnson. “With our intuitive messaging software, consumers are able to ask questions of a business, inquire about services and get intelligent real-time replies through traditional texting.”

He said that the achievement affirms the rising demand for text-based messaging platforms and need for intelligent messaging tools. “Business Texter’s services lead the way in the automation and artificial intelligence that play a crucial role in text communications,” the company noted.

“Our solution will continue to revolutionize not only the business-to-customer messaging experience, but fundamentally changes it by adding customer-to-business capability,” said company vice president Noreen Rucinski. “It’s not a one-way street anymore.”


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