Cin7, Intuit Help Businesses Move to the Cloud

Cin7, a pioneer in cloud-based inventory management software (IMS), announced a strategic product bundle with Intuit, the global technology platform that makes QuickBooks, TurboTax, Mint, Credit Karma, and Mailchimp. The collaboration and innovative product suite bundle of the two systems makes it simple and affordable to move from desktop software to the cloud.

The need for product sellers to expand sales channels has escalated in the wake of COVID-19. Yet the more channels a company adds, the more complex and difficult it becomes to navigate getting products to consumers, especially when they are using desktop and older technologies. In response, as businesses move to the cloud, they are looking for cloud-native software stacks and integrations to help them scale with confidence.

The deepened collaboration between Cin7 DEAR and Intuit will enable product sellers to take advantage of connecting their cloud accounting software with a robust cloud inventory management solution, helping to avoid legacy ERP systems and grow channels at scale.

Customers can choose several components to add to the bundle of QuickBooks and Cin7 to create a more manageable, efficient and cost-effective stack. They also receive exclusive offers, expanded services and derive additional value, on the foundation of a strong integration that builds off a decade of cloud-native technology proven to support accelerated business growth.

Exploring cloud solutions can help businesses to optimize selling on more channels, open new revenue streams, and save time and money.

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