Concentric AI Makes DSPM Available to CrowdStrike Partners

Concentric AI, a vendor of intelligent AI-based solutions for autonomous data security posture management (DSPM), has made trademarked Semantic Intelligence DSPM solution to CrowdStrike channel partners and customers via the CrowdStrike Marketplace.

Joining the network of compatible solutions from partners within the CrowdStrike ecosystem, Concentric AI emerges as the first DSPM solution in the CrowdStrike Marketplace.

With cloud migration, a global shift toward remote work, and an increasing reliance on digital data management, businesses struggle to identify and protect all their data. Being on the CrowdStrike marketplace allows CrowdStrike customers to have easy access to the solution to protect their structured and unstructured data, while broadening the availability of Concentric AI’s DSPM solution.

Concentric AI’s DSPM solution provides organizations with a clear view of everything they need to know about their data – where it is, who has access to it, and how it has been used. Concentric AI identifies and classifies all an organization’s data no matter where it resides – from intellectual property to financial information to PII/PCI/PHI data – without rules or complex policies.

In addition, it remediates risk in real-time, leveraging an AI-driven solution for seamless and effective data management and security.

Concentric AI’s Semantic Intelligence DSPM solution scans organizations’ data, detects sensitive or business critical content, identifies the most appropriate classification category, and tags the data. Concentric AI uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve discovery and classification accuracy and efficiency to avoid endless regex rules and inaccurate end user labeling.

In addition, Concentric AI can monitor and identify risk to financial and other data from inappropriate permissions, wrong entitlements, risky sharing and unauthorized access. It can remediate permissions and sharing issues or leverage other security solutions and cloud APIs to protect exposed data.

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