Dubber Launches on NUWAVE’s Platform for Integration with MS Teams

Dubber Corporation Ltd. has signed a Foundation Partner agreement with Nuwave Communications Inc. NUWAVE, based in Las Vegas, is a provider of Microsoft voice services in North America and a player in the Microsoft Operator Connect calling program.

Dubber Unified Conversational Recording (UCR) and voice data services now are integrated into NUWAVE’s trademarked iPILOT and available to all NUWAVE clients beginning Monday.

Microsoft Teams has more than 270 million monthly active users, making it the world’s fastest-growing business communication suite. NUWAVE is a global communications and cloud platform as a service provider with a focus on simplification, automation, and innovation. It continues to provide many industry-first solutions which facilitate customer cloud communication adoption.

“NUWAVE is an outstanding partner that has ‘cracked the code’ with Microsoft Teams Voice services. They attack and remove complexity at every level, making it simple and easy for service providers and enterprises through iPILOT to quickly get the most out of their Microsoft Teams environments, said Steve McGovern, Dubber CEO. “They are an ideal partner for Dubber as we both work to enhance customer value and revenue for service providers in their Teams deployments.”

As a Foundation Partner, NUWAVE will provide partners and customers with the option to provision access via iPILOT to Dubber’s conversational recording capabilities as an entry-level solution at no cost to NUWAVE customers and partners.

NUWAVE and its partners can choose to work with Dubber to introduce customers to comprehensive conversational recording and AI solutions to address a range of business needs by unlocking information and insights from conversations across their voice and video calls.

“Dubber’s unique scalability fits perfectly with our view of what cloud voice users, enterprises and service providers are demanding,” said Mark Bunnell, NUWAVE COO. “By integrating Dubber into iPILOT, we’re able to build on our iPILOT platform and provide service providers with extremely valuable, margin enhancing services that in return will help their customers extract even more value from their voice and video calls.”

Dubber supports differentiation and revenue opportunities for service providers that continue to scale their voice services to enterprise, SME and government customers on Microsoft Teams. Dubber’s Unified Recording and Conversational Data and AI services enable compliance, training, customer service, dispute resolution and remote workforce enablement without the requirement for hardware or capital expenditure.