Everlaw Launches AI-based Clustering to Legal Teams

Everlaw, a cloud-native investigation and litigation platform, unveils today its Clustering software feature delivering an AI breakthrough in terms of its scale, visualization, ease of use and ability to conduct true discovery.

While technology-assisted review (TAR) has been sanctioned for legal teams to conduct discovery searches for digital evidence for about a decade, the promise of concept clustering has fallen short. It’s often too hard to use, can’t scale to meet today’s video, audio and text demand and is restricted to a wheel interface that can’t drill down to single documents.

Everlaw Clustering’s technical breakthroughs deliver on the promise of AI, allowing legal teams to sort through and understand millions of documents for a full review or early case assessment (ECA). Everlaw Clustering presents findings in an intuitive visual format that encompasses a 30,000-foot snapshot and a granular, down-to-the-document view.

It uses unsupervised machine learning to group documents by conceptual similarity and generates insights without requiring any user input. With a clean and easy-to-use interface, review teams gain a baseline understanding of the document set without advanced setup or deep technical expertise. It is designed to pinpoint more specific and relevant information than other AI tools or keyword searches, and identify which documents need human review, reducing the risk of errors in eDiscovery.

Everlaw Clustering breaks new ground in these areas:

  • Extreme Ease-of-Use – Based on patent-pending technology, Everlaw Clustering was designed to be as easy to use as navigating Google Earth.
  • Massive Scale – Everlaw Clustering’s unsupervised learning algorithms support up to 25 million documents on its single screen clustering dashboard, in a format that is unique to the data itself and breaks from the traditional wheel visualization.
  • True Discovery – Everlaw spatial model preserves relationships between documents, even across clusters and zoom levels. It enables a natural, fluid exploration that allows teams to truly discover new evidence as they map out their haystacks and then build compelling storylines.

Everlaw Clustering is integrated with the Everlaw platform to help legal teams accelerate finding key pieces of evidence, mitigate the risk of human error and navigate eDiscovery at terabyte scale. Clustering also complements Everlaw Predictive Coding’s supervised learning for more powerful AI workflows. Everlaw Clustering is included in the Everlaw platform.

Learn more at https://www.everlaw.com.