Exabeam, Cribl Partnership Assists Enterprises with Data

Exabeam, creator of the trademarked New-Scale SIEM for security operations, and Cribl, a data company for IT and security, have entered a strategic partnership that enables New-Scale SIEM to ingest data for enterprises and accelerate deployment quicker.

With a mission to empower security teams to integrate the right data at scale, the Exabeam and Cribl partnership can assist enterprises in managing high volumes of data, secure their environments and reduce risk and cost.

The Exabeam cloud-native New-Scale SIEM offers rapid data ingestion, fast query performance, powerful behavioral analytics and an automated investigation experience.

With Cribl Stream, security teams gain additional control over telemetry data and the flexibility to shape logs from multiple sources.

Exabeam and Cribl are working together to address the challenges of routing, filtering and masking data that can hinder or delay security investigations, hamper new technology adoption and degrade regulatory compliance.

To learn more about the Exabeam and Cribl joint solution, read the Exabeam Guide.