FAStek, Inteserra Partner to Form Full-service Powerhouse Provider

Georgia-based FAStek Compliance Solutions Inc. and Florida-based Inteserra Consulting Group Inc. have merged, creating a new company that combines the regulatory and tax expertise of two industry leaders in telecommunications tax and regulatory compliance.

The result is a formidable compliance service provider that links Inteserra’s comprehensive telecom regulatory capabilities with FAStek’s tax expertise and automation capabilities.

The merger will bring a full-service regulatory and tax compliance partner to every telecommunications provider, making compliance outsourcing an easy-to-make decision to meet critical business requirements.

With approximately 90 employees, the new company will retain its headquarters in Atlanta, as well as a new regional location in Orlando. The merged company will provide best-in-class technology and industry knowledge to offer its customers an option of a single provider without having to compromise.

“Our new capabilities will allow us to build on the synergy of the combined companies and continue to remain a leader in regulatory and tax compliance services,” said Lance Steinhart, FAStek Chairman & CEO. “The new company not only enhances our current competencies, but it will bring together Inteserra’s unique telecom content and FAStek’s automation for growth that extends to all corners of our multi-faceted and ever-changing industry.”

Inteserra’s CEO Connie Wightman added, “The new company will leverage our experienced and talented human resources to maximize our long-standing customer relationships and strategic partnerships. We believe FAStek strengthens our industry positioning as we continue to add new innovative services to meet the evolving needs of our customers.”