FiberLight Expands Nextlink Internet Tower System

Nextlink Internet has selected FiberLight’s lit network offering for its Texas network.

Nextlink is one of the largest WISPs in the United States. The company delivers high-speed internet and voice services throughout the Southcentral U.S. including Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska with plans for 2020 expansion across Iowa and Illinois to residential, business, K-12, higher learning and governmental agencies.

Nextlink had an existing 10GB network ring in place through FiberLight, but the company needed to expand its network infrastructure with 70 additional fiber-fed towers. This would ensure that it could deliver carrier-grade internet service via fixed wireless and FTTH  in rural and underserved areas across Texas. In order to maintain its robust active tower construction strategy and meet evolving demand for services, Nextlink contracted FiberLight to deploy an enhanced 100GB lit core, powered by Ciena’s Waveserver Ai platform, with the availability to build in laterals to serve each new additional tower. The deployed laterals to the tower are rate limited to 1GB but were constructed to easily scale to 10GB without additional equipment purchase or installation, offering shorter lead times for capacity upgrades. FiberLight’s core ring network deployment with enhanced redundancy averts the need for linear shots out to the towers and protects service to support greater reliability for end users.

FiberLight, through collaboration with Ciena, now offers a MDFN solution that enables WISP and enterprise customers to enhance their capabilities with dark fiber as they grow their network, but without the extensive in-house IT or capital resources traditionally required to run such a network. Dark fiber delivers augmented flexibility, cost-efficacy, control, scalability and agility with virtually unlimited bandwidth and on-demand control over capacity. FiberLight’s managed dark fiber solution enables companies to outsource the complexity of managing the network while still garnering the same advantages, leveraging flexible financing options and keeping in-house resources and personnel trained on core business goals.

FiberLight offers 20 years of dedicated expertise designing, building, maintaining and monitoring large-scale, custom high-capacity fiber infrastructure in some of the country’s most rapidly growing areas.