FiberLight Joins MDC Data Centers’ Facility

FiberLight LLC, an experienced builder and operator of mission-critical, high-bandwidth networks and MDC Data Centers, a provider of carrier-neutral colocation services along the U.S. border, have launched a facility in Eagle Pass, Texas. FiberLight will be a founding member of the facility as the first fiber provider.

Featuring MDC’s International Fiber Crossing Infrastructure, the data center located at 500 Bliss Street will act as a bridge between new fiber routes on the border, enabling connections between Dallas and the central Mexican city of Querétaro. FiberLight will provide fiber services to the data center.

Querétaro, located 125 miles from Mexico City, is experiencing a data center boom driven mostly by the need for cloud service providers and over-the-top (OTT) media companies to service customers and enterprises in Mexico. The data center and cloud services industry in Santiago de Querétaro needs diverse interconnectivity with major OTT companies and content providers in the United States., crossing strategic points along the U.S.-Mexico border.

MDC Data Centers is committed to making its trademarked Border Interconnection Platform more accessible to generate connections among top network operators, content providers and communities along the border. FiberLight provides connectivity to multiple MDC Data Centers in Texas, including:

  • MDC McAllen (MCA1), 200 S 10th Street
  • MDC McAllen (MCA2), 422 S 11th Street
  • MDC El Paso, 11455 Cedar Oak Drive
  • MDC Laredo, 13619 Cabezut Dr
  • MDC Eagle Pass 500 Bliss Street (new facility)

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