Sponsored Content: Five Benefits of Implementing a CRM System with VoIP

This post was sponsored by Bicom Systems, a leading provider of VoIP phone systems and cloud services.

As we near 2020, it is hard to believe there are still companies that don’t use a CRM system! Even worse, the VoIP software solution they are using doesn’t support CRM integration anyway!

If you are wondering if your software will integrate with a specific CRM system, check with your provider. Chances are, if they provide the API, it will integrate. For those of you who do not know what an API is, it is the set of programming protocols that informs the system how the software programs will interact with each other. For example, Bicom Systems does not provide a CRM solution but WILL provide the API so your PBXware and gloCOM can connect with one.

Keep reading to learn five benefits of implementing a CRM System if you are using VoIP!

1. A CRM Saves you Time

This is a significant benefit to anyone who likes to be efficient. CRM software will track all your calls and e-mails straight to a specific contact. The users will no longer have to flip through their notebook or calendar, trying to remember the details of their last call. The CRM provides all the information you have gathered on contact and more in a matter of seconds.

2. Better Customer Service

By saving time and being more efficient, you are instantly providing better customer service. When a PBX system is integrated with a proper CRM, users gain the feature of CRM Routing. CRM Routing will route the calls in your PBX to a specific Queue, person, or location based on the information provided in the CRM. The better the experience, the more satisfied your customers will be.

3. Improve Customer Retention

When you are satisfying customers or providing superior customer service, you are ultimately building better relationships. Embedding CRM software into your VoIP solution will provide you with the tools to communicate efficiently and effectively. You will prove that you know your stuff and deliver on their needs promptly. Users will understand their customers better, and the interactions will have both the agent and customer feeling fulfilled.

4. Real-Time Statistics

Combining a PBX solution, like PBXware, and a proper CRM will allow you to collect all the data you could need about your phone calls. This benefit is especially useful for a supervisor who is managing a team or call center. Users can get information like how many calls were made, when/if follow-ups were done, average wait time, and more. Based on the statistics, the supervisor can determine what they need to adjust to optimize the performance.

5. Organized Leads

A good CRM system will keep all your leads in one safe and organized place! Not only will the CRM keep track of contact information and call logs, but users can also track website visits, social media behavior, downloads, and more! This information can circle back to the Sales and Marketing team, and they can easily guide the leads through the sales cycle by tracking their buying behavior.

Bicom Systems VoIP telephony platform, PBXware, easily integrates with the most popular CRMs on the market like Salesforce, SugarCRM, ZOHO, MS Dynamics, and more! To learn more about PBXware and CRM Integration, visit our website or contact our sales team at sales@bicomsystems.com.

Laura Kyle is a marketing assistant for Bicom Systems (www.bicomsystems.com).