Forter Introduces Partner Program to Fight Fraud

Digital commerce sales are projected to increase by $1.84 trillion by 2026, and the market is becoming more competitive and complex. Unsurprisingly, fraudsters looking to capitalize on this growth use sophisticated methods to evade detection while raking in even more money and stolen goods.

Despite these challenging conditions, merchants are expected to continue to deliver more revenue, fewer chargebacks, and a seamless customer experience. The obvious question is – but how?

Instead of fighting fraud alone, you can partner with Forter to fight fraud as a consortium with the world’s leading brands. A fraudster (or a good customer) known to one merchant should be known to all merchants — and that’s the power of Forter’s network of more than 1 billion identities. In the past 12 months, Forter processed more than $350 billion in gross merchandise value for 200,000-plus businesses worldwide, including industry leaders such as Nordstrom and Priceline.

Forter today has launched its Forter Partner Program which expands its network to include financial institutions, marketplace operators, independent software vendors, payment service providers, system integrators, consultancies, agencies and more.

Forter understands the role partners play in the digital commerce ecosystem. Partners serve as the trusted advisors for merchants looking to modernize their people, processes and technology for the new age of digital commerce, and it looks forward to inviting partners to participate in the Forter Partner Program.

Partners can leverage Forter’s Trust platform to help joint customers maximize revenue, combat fraud and reduce chargebacks while creating solutions and service opportunities for the partner’s business. Accepted partners have the option to work with Forter on joint go-to-market motions and/or through technical integrations.

“Forter’s Trust Platform is critical for safeguarding brands against evolving fraud threats in modern commerce environments. Our partnership with Forter is built on a shared mission of helping merchants stay ahead of fraudsters while maintaining customer trust. Together, we drive meaningful business results by blocking fraud, driving digital growth, and optimizing the customer experience,” said Andrew Leibowitz, SVP of Client Success, Astound Commerce

Forter’s strategic partnerships, like those with Astound and Salesforce, are business enablers. Together, they deliver speed, accuracy and impact.

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