GeoStar: New Website, Same Strategy

GeoStar Communications has overhauled its website, which now features a sleek new design and improved navigation. The company has also loaded the website with plenty of supporting documentation to educate customers and partners.

We caught up with Channel Programs Manager Barry Greenspan, who discussed the website refresh and provided an update on the company.

“The website really shows the breadth of services that we offer, from managed services to SIP trunking,” Greenspan explained. “At the end of the day, we can provide our customers with anything they need to run their business safely and cost effectively, and with a high degree of reliability.”

Although the website has changed, it’s business as usual at the voice, data and cloud solutions provider—just as it has been for more than 22 years. GeoStar continues to offer a range of services including hosted firewall; hosted PBX; SD-WAN; MPLS; fixed wireless broadband; desktop as a service; and more. GeoStar Only targets the business market. However, the company also works with global enterprises.

One of the company’s differentiating factors is its conservative approach to deploying new technologies, which is done to ensure quality and reliability.

“You may not find the most recent technology advancements at GeoStar, but when we bring it out, you can rest assured it will work—and cost-effectively, too,” Greenspan said. “We’re fanatical about providing service. We don’t like it when things break down.”

Speaking of reliability, GeoStar offers three colocation centers to provide full redundancy for customers.

The company also offers custom quoting, which differs from the automated approach that many larger companies now take.

“Mostly everything we offer is going to be customized,” Greenspan said. “We’re not going to put out an application or solution without really understanding their full requirements. We engage in lots of conversations with our partners, and we’ll produce a response based on what we can deliver.”

What’s more, GeoStar has earned a unique reputation for going into rural areas that lack service and providing connectivity for partners.

“We have partners that will ask only us to deliver services in places where they can’t get it from other providers,” Greenspan said. “For example, we had someone who needed service in rural Lima, Ohio, and we had a partner who could deliver internet access to that area. It was a particular location where there wasn’t a cable provider or anyone delivering service. We were able to come up with a fixed wireless solution.”

GeoStar’s Solution Provider program offers buy rates on most products and aggressive commissions. At GeoStar, though, you’ll find a more relaxed approach to sales. The company purposely avoids monthly minimums, which is perfect for partners who are looking to go at their own pace.

“We’re not looking for the biggest channel partners out there,” Greenspan said. “We’re looking for agents who can deliver 15-20 quotes per month, and three or four orders per month. Those are the guys who we want to work with. We can give them a lot of attention, without asking them to go overboard.”

That’s not to say the company isn’t hungry.

“We’re ready to work with you,” Greenspan said. “We’re open for business. If you’re looking for a provider who will customize solutions for you, and get things done right, then we want to hear from you.”