HGC to Make Use of Expanded I Squared EXA Infrastructure

HGC Global Communications announced that I Squared Capital is further expanding its telecommunications portfolio following its acquisition of GTT Communications’ network infrastructure and data center assets.

Specifically, HGC and I Squared are unveiling EXA Infrastructure, a new dedicated digital infrastructure platform for connecting Europe and North America. EXA Infrastructure serves 1,500 customers across 13,000 fiber network kilometers in 300 cities.

HGC, which is I Squared’s first telecom asset since 2017, plans to make “full use” of the enhanced telecommunications portfolio and post-acquisition synergies to uplift its business in Hong Kong and Asia, as well as to extend its global network and strengthen its market position, worldwide.

HGC is a leading international telco and ICT solutions provider with extensive network and infrastructure in Hong Kong and overseas. The company has 23 international offices, and provides full-fledged telecommunications, data center, ICT and broadband services for local, overseas, corporate and mass markets.