Hubble, Legato Security Evolve Cyber Managed Services Market

Hubble Technology Inc. announced a strategic partnership with Legato Security, a provider of managed services for defense and response (MDR).

The partnership combines the strengths of Hubble’s trademarked technology asset visibility and cybersecurity posture management platform, Aurora and Legato’s MDR services.

The partnership closes a crucial gap in the MSSP/MDR market, increasing the performance of security operations by enriching security events with meaningful, actionable asset-related data and providing operators the information they need to triage risks more efficiently and with fewer errors.

The MDR+ solution fills a gap in the MSSP/MDR market by integrating asset intelligence. Traditional managed security service providers often fail to provide information about the impacted asset in their tickets and alerts, mainly concentrating on technical elements such as the IDS signature triggered.

This results in sporadic delivery of relevant information to customers, obstructing effective, risk-based remediation. The inclusion of asset intelligence in the MDR+ solution improves the relay of pertinent information, allowing for more strategic responses.

MDR+ uses Hubble’s trademarked Aurora platform to provide continually updated visibility into the entire technology environment, including a range of asset classes. It ensures that every asset, regardless of its type, is inventoried, accounted for, and monitored.

With Legato’s 24/7 Security Operations Center, MDR+ offers real-time detection and response to threats, providing necessary context for alerts to facilitate timely remediation.

MDR+ empowers managed service providers to deliver actionable information to their customers consistently, aiding effective risk-based remediation. Additionally, the open architecture of MDR+ guarantees scalability and adaptability to the rapidly evolving technological landscape.