Impartner Unveils Additions to its Partner Marketplace

Impartner, a provider of reseller and partner management technologies, has updated its Partner Marketplace, allowing vendors to connect prospective customers to qualified channel partners. This permits partners to showcase themselves on the vendor’s website and generate demand from that connection.

Today’s product launch brings revolutionary changes to the PRM space that will benefit partners listed on Partner Marketplace, as well as channel program operations managers, marketing managers and administrators.

Benefits of this program include:

  • Companies can create their preferred Partner Marketplace configuration in minutes using Marketplace Studio — including branding, filter options, results layouts, and partner listings.
  • Users can search for partners based on attributes tracked in their PRM profile, such as geographical region, vertical market, partner certification and services offered
  • Leads are assigned in real-time versus being routed to the partner’s website

Partner Marketplace enables on a client’s public website using an embedded code snippet. After embedding this code, Partner Marketplace becomes a directory of partners that can be browsed, keyword-searched or filtered based on self-serve configuration settings managed in Marketplace Studio.

Partner Marketplace also offers a ‘Contact Partner’ form that creates a record in the PRM to trigger any workflow action chosen during setup. The form can generate a lead, send an email to the partner with the form information or notify an administrator to take further action.

Now, partners can manage their listing content directly from their portal profile on Partner Marketplace. This allows them to upload a logo, company headline, detailed description and multiple listing items in client-configured categories.

PRM Administrators also can create and edit listing content on a partner’s behalf. Most notably, the solution provides an automated content review and approval process, empowering partners to request content review directly from their portal page and notifying administrators, thereby enhancing visibility and control over content revisions prior to publication.

To learn more about how Impartner helps corporations from the smallest to the largest enterprises grow their channel revenue by an average of 32.3 percent in the first year of use alone, click here.