Kaspersky Lab Unveils Global Program

Today Kaspersky Lab is launching a new global partner program, Kaspersky United, to enable partners to develop and grow their security expertise regardless of their level of maturity.

The program will provide an opportunity for partners to develop in-depth knowledge in specific solution sets in order to offer customers specialized IT security solutions and services.

When it comes to cybersecurity, the complexity of IT infrastructure is the factor that’s putting the most pressure on CISOs according to a Kaspersky Lab survey. Complexity widens the attack surface, making the protection of every aspect of infrastructure even more difficult, as it requires specific cybersecurity measures.

Kaspersky Lab’s global partner program will arm partners with specialized knowledge to address security for complex IT environments, from hybrid cloud security to defense from targeted attacks and industrial network protection.

With the new program, Kaspersky Lab is encouraging its partners to earn certifications to master techniques that can enhance their selling capabilities of the company’s products. This will demonstrate to their customers and prospects that they are experts in their particular areas of need. Partners will be able to focus on particular solutions, such as hybrid cloud security, threat management and defense, or fraud prevention, or particular services, such as managed service provider, managed detection and response provider, or authorized training center.

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Partners will also receive access to educational, sales and marketing toolkits and benefit from a new transparent monetary rewards structure, in which they can maintain and monetize specializations across different status levels (Registered, Silver, Gold and Platinum) in one or several solution sets.

In the next phase of the program, Kaspersky Lab plans to update its partner portal, where a variety of valuable information can be found, such as white papers, webinars, competitive comparisons, and certifications. New partners will gain access to specially designed partner onboarding training, and assets to ensure newcomers have all they need to start selling and earning quickly.

To become a Kaspersky United partner or achieve a specialization, visit the partner portal.