MicroCorp Expands Commissions as a Service Features

MicroCorp recently announced the ability to process commissions from any master agency and direct provider through its fully secure Commissions as a Service program.

Managing commissions has been a long-time lament for channel partners, the company says, and for good reason. It’s time-consuming and frustrating – consolidating multiple statements and formats from different masters and providers, endless scrubbing for missed payments, incorrect credits or missing commissions, to name a few.

Having to deal with commission queries and inaccuracies with the provider simply adds to the deluge of duties. For channel partners with sub-agents, the time involved escalates even further.

Designed to be an agent’s outsourced commission headcount, MicroCorp’s Commissions as a Service capabilities include sub-agent commission calculation, white label statements, provider or master commissions dispute list, and custom reports such as lost accounts, new accounts, base churn.

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Channel partners can view and manage commissions real-time in MicroCorp’s proprietary back-office portal, Nautilus. Channel partners are not required to be directly contracted with MicroCorp to become a Commissions as a Service customer.