NINJIO SENSE Training Solves for Emotional Vulnerabilities

NINJIO, a cybersecurity awareness training (CSAT) leader, has launched NINJIO SENSE — a solution rooted in personalized learning and behavioral science.

At a time when cyberattacks are on the rise and roughly 82 percent of all breaches involve human error, enterprise cyber defense requires an evolving set of tools that educate employees, while helping them to develop instincts to spot potential threats.

NINJIO SENSE is a next-generation solution for companies that want to create a culture of cybersecurity at every level, based on how humans behave. The comprehensive solution includes NINJIO AWARE attack vector training, consistently named Gartner’s “Customer’s Choice” for the CSAT category; and NINJIO PHISH3D, a simulated phish testing and data analysis tool used by hundreds of private and public companies worldwide, and government agencies including the Department of Homeland Security.

SENSE rounds out the offerings by focusing on specific emotions that drive employee decision-making, then deploys personalized training based on the NINJIO Risk Algorithm. The result is robust, intuition-based, behavioral science training.

NINJIO SENSE derives its personalization data from hundreds of thousands of simulated phishing results across industries and identifies seven human needs and emotions that drive an employee’s threat response: curiosity, fear, craving, obedience, opportunity, social and urgency.

NINJIO’s cybersecurity awareness platform will provide relevant and engaging microlearning episodes that focus on the most urgent attack vectors, highlight real-world breaches and ensure that employees retain what they learn.

This content will be combined with advanced simulated phishing tests to evaluate each employee’s susceptibility to cyberattacks and collect data for the NINJIO Risk Algorithm. The algorithm will use data from employee reporting and quizzes to develop an organization’s risk profile.