OnSIP Launches InstaCall Video Calling Button for Customer Service

Business communications provider OnSIP has released InstaCall, a WebRTC-based solution for customer service that can enable instant, video-capable and secure calls directly from a Website with the addition of an InstaCall button. It’s very similar to the Amazon “May Day” functionality.

For the end user, the solution doesn’t require downloads, plugins or dialing–with a click of the button, the call initiates.

“Video, voice and data have finally merged in a very simple interface through InstaCall, making the benefits of WebRTC accessible to all businesses,” said Daniel Cashman, president and CEO of AstraNetworks, an OnSIP channel partner. “It is so easy to set up and works phenomenally well, which are huge selling points for our customer base.”

InstaCalls can be received by sales and support agents with the phone of their choice or OnSIP’s InstaPhone, a video-enabled, browser phone application that allows customer service agents to work from anywhere and receive contextual information about the Website visitor along with the call. OnSIP InstaCall is also integrated with Google Analytics for improved call tracking and marketing intelligence.

“Having the InstaCall button on our website makes it easy for customers to contact us via their preferred method, whether it be voice or e-mail, all through one click on the support page,” said Kurt Wilson, OnSIP customer and project manager at RFMS. The company provides business management software for the floor covering industry.

“We’ve seen a huge uptick in customer satisfaction since adding InstaCall and look forward to implementing it with our sales and business operations teams in the future so prospective and current customers can get a full range of support right from their browsers,” he added.

This announcement comes on the heels of the launch of the OnSIP Network, a signaling platform as a service (PaaS) for developers to quickly build WebRTC applications at scale.

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