Orbita Launches Consumer Services Accelerator

Orbita has unveiled a solution accelerator that enables healthcare organizations to quickly and easily deploy consumer-facing voice and chat applications to help find services and providers, and to schedule appointments.

With Orbita’s new Consumer Services Accelerator, healthcare organizations can quickly deploy voice and chatbot conversational experiences to websites and mobile applications to fulfill common service requests. Organizations use the Orbita Consumer Services Accelerator to improve the patient experience; reduce call center volume and increase staff efficiency; and improve patient loyalty and brand advocacy.

As a platform provider, Orbita has multiple channel partner relationships. Deloitte, for instance, offers DeloitteASSIST, an AI-driven patient communication solution enabling patients to request assistance without the need to press a button. Simply by speaking their request, nurses are alerted to their need, with AI prioritizing and smart-routing requests. Orbita and Deloitte have partnered to extend DeloitteASSIST with Orbita’s voice-first engagement capabilities.

The Orbita Consumer Services Accelerator is being showcased at VOICE Summit this week in Newark, New Jersey.