PacketFabric, Unitas Global Announce Merger

PacketFabric and Unitas Global, enterprise network service providers, announced the intention to merge. This will result in a larger PacketFabric, a global leader in network as a service (NaaS). Lead investor Digital Alpha Advisors LLC. brought these companies together based on customer and market feedback to create an industry leading platform.

With the PacketFabric Converge platform designed for enterprise connectivity needs, PacketFabric helps businesses build secure, private network fabrics to connect their core sites, cloud assets and manage shifts in data gravity with its fabric-integrated storage.

PacketFabric Converge orchestrates on-demand connectivity across colocation facilities, cloud providers and private network interconnection globally. The company’s agile connectivity empowers enterprises to move at the speed of the cloud, digitally transform their business, and deliver superior digital experiences.

Unitas Global is a global leader in intelligent automation for business internet connectivity, providing end-to-end network design, pricing, ordering and visibility across more than 1,000 first/middle/last mile networks, accessing more than 50 million fiber-lit buildings. Its Unitas Nexus automation enables businesses to tap into the best-performing business internet experience delivered by the Unitas Reach network, extensive private peering services and MIRO route optimization IP for public networking needs.

PacketFabric brings to market a fundamental change to the business connectivity architecture with its NaaS, enabling a complete and secure connectivity platform for evolving digitized business strategies and geographies from the Edge to Everywhere.

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