Panasonic Closes Blue Yonder Acquisition

Panasonic completed the acquisition of digital fulfillment platform provider Blue Yonder. The $8.5 billion transaction includes the remaining 80 percent of Blue Yonder’s shares; Panasonic previously purchased a 20 percent stake in July 2020.

Panasonic noted that the transaction will accelerate the companies’ shared vision for an Autonomous Supply Chain by unifying Panasonic sensing technology and edge devices with Blue Yonder’s AI (artificial intelligence) / ML (machine-learning)-powered planning, execution and commerce solutions.

The integrated product is expected to allow companies to create “smarter” and “more connected” e-commerce strategies, retail stores, warehouses, transportation and workplaces; support unlimited visibility, control and orchestration; and pivot operations in real time, provide improved customer experience and deliver more profitable business outcomes. The acquisition should also enhance Panasonic’s own digital transformation and customer-centric focus.

Panasonic plans to shift to a holding company system – focused on strategic businesses in key areas such as supply chain innovation and automation – starting on April 1, 2022. It plans to retain the Blue Yonder brand, with its business to function within the Panasonic Connected Solutions Company. Company CEO Girish Rishi and his leadership team will remain with the company.

The merger previously gained antitrust clearance and regulatory approval in the U.S. and other countries prior to finalization.