PartnerOptimizer Elevates Partner Data to a Competitive Advantage

PartnerOptimizer has launched its Partner Ecosystem Intelligence Platform. The release introduces innovations that provide partnership leaders with a level of partner data visibility and control, delivering a strategic edge in their respective markets.

Dina Moskowitz, CEO of PartnerOptimizer and Partner Data Futurist said, “We understand that the foundation of our groundbreaking partner insights is the granular data mining and curation of millions of business attribute data points. However, the true value of this data lies in our commitment to empowering users with intuitive controls that seamlessly convert the data into meaningful insights. This synergy of human expertise and AI – a true hybrid intelligence – positions our users as digital leaders, allowing them to outperform their competitors. We are excited to introduce these innovations in our fall release, further advancing the intelligence and agility of our platform for our customers.”

Highlights of PartnerOptimizer’s Fall Release:

  1. Partner Ecosystem and Revenue Opportunity Analysis – Serving as a comprehensive starting point for businesses reviewing their partner data and revenue prospects, the new Partner Ecosystem and Revenue Opportunity Analysis provides partnership leaders with a panoramic view of their existing and prospective ecosystem landscape. Users gain instant insights into which partner companies are the most qualified to truly partner and drive revenue and learn which partners are not worth investing in. (See example of typical 500-partner cyber security company here.)
  2. SkillSynth AI Search – A game-changer in partner searches, SkillSynth AI Search blends artificial intelligence with user expertise. Imagine it as a search engine with adjustable settings tailored to the user’s industry knowledge or specific partner criteria. Once they fine-tune their search, the AI takes over to find partners aligning with their goals. It’s a level of human-powered precision unmatched in the market. Users can tell it to ‘Find partners with these common traits,’ or ‘Show me partners working with this competitor but not that one.’ It’s like having a partner search wizard by their side, combining AI precision with their insights. (See search function in action here.)
  3. Partner Ecosystem Data Command Center – Orchestrating data within a company’s partner ecosystem is vital for partnership leaders to analyze opportunities with precision. PartnerOptimizer’s Command Center provides an all-encompassing single pane of glass, allowing users to seamlessly manipulate and analyze partner data from various angles. Whether users are building an Ideal Partner Profile, discovering and building a list of new partner prospects, qualifying an individual partner company or prospects from a list, exploring the most common and important business attributes of their existing partner ecosystem, orchestrating the partner engagement campaign for a new product launch or understanding their geographic Total Addressable Partner Ecosystem Market, the Command Center puts these opportunities at their fingertips.
  4. Enhanced Partner Profiles – PartnerOptimizer offers enhanced Partner Profiles, allowing users to assess at a glance how well a partner company aligns with specific business attributes or compares against an Ideal Partner Profile. Users can gauge a partner’s suitability against their chosen criteria, along with insights into which competitive vendor partner programs they participate in. This immediate competitive insight empowers users to make informed decisions about partnerships.
  5. Search Lock – To prevent the risk of search parameters being altered by other users, PartnerOptimizer introduces the “Search Lock” feature. Users can safeguard their crafted search queries, ensuring that valuable insights remain intact.

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