PhotoRoom Partners with Google Cloud to Make Generative AI

PhotoRoom, an artificial intelligence (AI)-based photo editing app designed for e-commerce businesses, announced a new partnership with Google Cloud.

PhotoRoom will use the power of Google Cloud A3 instances based on NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs), and its expertise in scaling large AI models, to offer studio-quality images to businesses.

As a result, PhotoRoom will increase the speed of content delivered to its customers and reduce the time needed to create product content from days to less than an hour –without compromising accuracy or quality.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs will benefit from PhotoRoom’s speed and scale by reducing the time and costs requested to produce and edit commercial photography.

“We’re already processing 2 billion images per year, and we expect that to double in 2024, as more businesses adopt PhotoRoom’s generative AI technology. We clearly need a partner who can help us scale and meet the needs of our customers over the next few years,” said Matthieu Rouif, CEO of PhotoRoom. “Google Cloud fits perfectly with PhotoRoom’s growth philosophy and provides the ideal foundation for our continued success with its capacity to scale, its flexibility, and its sustainable infrastructure.”

Generative AI presents opportunities for small businesses. Partnering with Google Cloud is one step PhotoRoom is taking to provide its customers with quality images at an affordable price.

The partnership builds on the launch of PhotoRoom’s Instant Backgrounds and Instant Shadows features, which use AI to enhance product shots. With these product developments, PhotoRoom expands the use of generative AI and makes it more accessible to smaller businesses and entrepreneurs: allowing them to imagine business opportunities with breakthrough technology.